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Liza's P.O.V.

"Y estas seguro de esto?" I cocked my head to the side, staring at a picture of Heath's supposed roommate. "Doesn't look like him."

"Baby they look the exact same! Could be twins, if they weren't... y'know, the same person." He put the picture of his roommate beside the photo of the Youtuber. "And don't talk in Spanish. I know you're doing it to annoy me."

"No sé de qué estás hablando." I replied, my face melting into a warm smile. We were both laying on our stomachs, Heath's laptop in front of us as we had just finished watching Garrett Watt's new video after which he told me the news about his roommate.

"Ergghhgg" An irritated groan escaped his lips, but you could tell he was smiling.

I looked at the two pictures. Zane Hijazi definitely wasn't anywhere near 'ugly'. "He's cute, isn't he?" I asked, looking at Heath for his answer. His eyes darted between the two photos, long eyelashes fluttering slightly. He blinked twice before answering, the usual signal that something extremely gay was going to come out.

"I mean, yeah I guess he's cute." A smirk crept at his lips as he stretched out the g in 'guess'. "But at the same time, he's not as cute as me." Heath finished the sentence with a hair flip, pursing his lips and batting his eyelashes flirtatiously.

"What are you waiting for? Vine to come back? Ask him out!" Heath shot me a look, his eyebrows pointed slightly. "To dinner, not a date! Just get to know him, y'know find out if he's into cowboys."

That comment promoted a playful punch in the arm and a slight blush rising into the Youtuber's cheeks. Pulling Heath's laptop closer to me, I clicked on Zane's Facebook icon and sent him a private message.

HeathHussar: Get to know you dinner. Tonight, 7pm. Ebùt Uoy restaurant. See you there :)

ZaneHijazi: Can't wait. See you soon :)

Heath raised his eyebrow, not blinking. "Well I guess I should book a reservation?" The remark came out more like a question.

"I guess you should."

I feel like I haven't updated this in years lol
Anyway, hope you enjoyed :)
I can't wait until the 10th (voltron yum)
And also P!atd is coming a two hour drive away from me (which isn't bad)
also tøp isn't coming to canada :( jishwa and tyjo wot r u doing
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