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Kristen's P.O.V.

Scott stood still as a statue. His mouth was open and his head cocked to the side. I would've laughed at him if it wasn't such a serious time.

"Like... in the baby way?" His words came out slow, as if he struggled to figure out each word.

"What other way is there?" I smiled nervously, punching Scotty's arm playfully. Oh god, Kristen! You've ruined everything! He doesn't want a kid with you!

Then he moved. His face turned up. His mouth broke into a smile. He jumped up, pulling me with him.

"Kristen! Kristen! That's amazing! How long? Do you know its gender? Oh my god, Kristen! We're going to be parents!" The words fell out of his mouth in a jumble, barely comprehensible.

I smiled brightly, I couldn't help it. "I've known for a little under a week, no, Scott I don't know it's gender since it's still pretty much a sperm, and yeah! We are!"

He hugged me tightly, and for that small second, where his warmth made me feel happy, and his strength made me feel safe.

I was ready.

Scott's P.O.V.

I had unwillingly left Kristen to go find Matt and Zane after she had repeatedly pushed me out the door. I didn't want to leave her, I didn't want to leave our baby.

Our baby. That's new.

I almost walked right into a short girl with bright pink hair, thoughts circling around my mind. A camera was held in her hand, and her taller friend at her side.

"Carly! Erin!" I said, stopping myself before crashing into my fellow YouTube friends. They laughed at my near-crash, shutting off their camera.

Carly Incontro's hair was a pink-red colour, her eyes a baby blue. Over the years she had truly become one of my best friends, even if she didn't live with us. We had met through Vine, and she had continued into YouTube with her best friend Erin.

"Going somewhere?" Carly asked, her and Erin making a path through them.

Erin Gilfoy's hair was short and curly. She was sporting a yellow sweater and black leggings. White cat fur was stuck on her clothes, almost definitely from her cat, Whitey.

"Are you going to Target? I need to grab some stuff from there." A masculine voice called, belonging to a tall toned body.

I turned around to see Todd Smith, my best friend. We had met way back in high school, doing - you guessed it - vines with eachother before moving on to YouTube, and moving into a house together.

I smiled brightly, almost everyone I loved was in this room, minus my family, Kristen, and Corinna.

"I'm going to be a dad."

Haha bet you thought you'd seen the last of this book, tHOT
ok well this was fun !! Hopefully I'll update soon?
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