It's Valentine's Week!- Winning entries!

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Thank you all for the overwhelming response, we had a great number of entries for the contest, but had to select a few which we thought are the best! 

We didn't accept those entries that exceeded 200 character limit (that means we counted each 'typing' alphabet- space- punctuation) and those who didn't mention their user names.

Here are the winning entries:

1)Love is essence of the soul and as you give, it grows in abundance within. Every living being needs love, be it humans, animals or nature. There is no life without love.


2)His arms wrapped around my shoulders ,

Makes me feel warm.

His chin touching my forehead,

Makes me feel protected.

His whispers near my ears ,

Makes me feel loved.


3)Khuda Ki Rehmat Mein Arziyan Nahi Chalti,

Ishq Ki Raah Mein Man-Marjiyan Nahi Chalti.


4) When I weep, he wipes my tears, When I smile, he smiles too.

The bond we share is the epitome of love,

for I adore my god, and he loves me more than I do


5) For me, that one person I will love may not be beautiful from the outside, just like me... But I want him to be true to himself.


6) "To love is to sit on the edge of a cliff with them and trust them not to push you off."


7) "I found love at the first ray of the dawn and lost it at the last gold of the evening and now I will be looking for its shadow in the darkness of the tender night."



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