Indianized Marvels Avengers FanFic Contest

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After thinking a lot, we at team Wattpad India were driven upon a conclusion to have something really special for our fanfic lovers. We know there are a lot of fandoms and fanfic lovers here. So We have brought this amazing contest for you to scratch your heads, plan your fanfic and enjoy the process.


-> It should be a short story upto 15K words.

-> You should "Indianize" any-one of the avengers (minimum), and also can give Indian touch to rest of the avengers in the story. Or can create one of your own characters! 

-> The deadline for submitting your short story is 1st November 2017

->  Basically, the plot should be yours, and the condition is to add Indian touch to the story. The story and events taking place should be based in India. 

-> Remember: No plagiarism ( or copying from the original story)

-> Send us your story links via email at along with your usernames.

-> You can also tag your story with  #indianavengers.

-> Your story should be categorised as a "FanFic"  On wattpad.

-> Prizes: Two winners, each will get Paperback of Once Upon A Genie by Durriya Kapasi, and Ebook of Obsessed : One Mystery, A Misunderstanding, Too Many Lies By Dhawal Joshi! 

And top 5 finalists, your books will be added to our reading list, and we will give a shout out on of all our social media handles! 

Share! And Have fun!! Good luck!

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