Wattpad India's Book Featuring Fest

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Wattpad India's Book Featuring Fest is calling out for best fanfics

After several contests, we decided to do something different. Something where you can showcase your work which you've already published on your profiles. So here we are Announcing biggest Book Featuring Fest on Wattpad India.

There are a lot of you who write and absolutely love fanfics. We have also seen many times people being naughty and sneaking fanfics into other genres :P. So this time we thought to do something for all of you awesome fanfic lovers.

Fanfics are really one of a kind to write, like taking someone else's characters or ideology and then crafting a whole new story around that is actually a tough task.

Here's what you need to do :

Submit your one full chapter to us via email at wattpadindia@gmail.com.

We will put up all of your chapters where readers can read, comment and vote on those chapters.

Chapters with more than 5 votes will get featured in reading lists and will be shared via Wattpad India Profile and Socials.

Now here are some Rules and Guidelines that need to be taken care of.

Rules for Submitting the Excerpts.

1. Make a proper formatted document with your entry and email us at WattpadIndia@gmail.com before deadlines.

2. Book from which the excerpt is being taken should be completed or should have atleast 15+ chapters. 

3. You can take any chapter of your choice from your book.

4. Entries should be between 500 words to 4k words

5. Entries should be properly formatted since we would be just copy pasting from the document you'd be sending.

6. Don't forget to add your username, title, book link and chapter link (you can merge max 2-3 chapters if your original book has smaller chapters than the specified word limits. ) while sending in the email.

7. Entries should be sent in .docx format. If you are using google docs ensure you give necessary permissions for copying the document.

8. Last date for submitting chapters is 22 Jan 2018

9. We would be announcing results on 30th Jan 2018

10.  Failing to abide by any of the above guidelines will result in disqualification.

Please Note : 

Votes will be accounted only when the vote is done in a proper format as explained. The format for voting and rules will be explained when the sample excerpts will be put up for voting.

You can tag your friends in this chapter, share the chapter or book link with your friends via pm or message boards. Make the best use of this opportunity. :)

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