InMag Edition #4 - The Secret Santa Edition

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What's the best part about Christmas?

Most of us will answer 'Santa' :) 

Santa Claus is someone whom we all know by different names all over the world, but the personality and the essence of his role stays the same always.

We would love to make anyone smile, that satisfaction of making someone smile is nothing in comparison to any of the gifts that the person can be given.

During your Wattpad journey you might have made a lot of friends, some of which have had huge impact on your lives. We want you to choose any of your 1/2/3 special friend/s and send them a message/poem/article/short scene/incident that you wanna dedicate to them. E-mail them to us along with their usernames, your messages will be posted in InMag 4 and will be kept anon or let them guess! ;) 

So be a secret Santa and thank your friends for being the awesome person that they are in you lives.


-Entries will be published on 25th December, best for a Christmas present? So last date of sending in your secret santa message is 24th Dec midnight. (IST)

-Your friend must be a user of wattpad.

-Write at least 250 words for each, you can add how you met on wattpad and why your friendship is so precious? Should be in paragraphs and well formatted.

- Please use proper language, no chat or abusive language. We are going to publish as it is, to keep your words exact.

- Send us your entries via email on 

- You can form a google doc and link it with the email or make a word doc and attach it to the email. Kindly do not write and send directly in email ( they cause formatting issues. )

Note: We received a few messages from people who might write something to us, so to make it fair.

If you wanna write about any of us you can send it to other one.

Example: If message is for joshidhawal then send it to durriza and vice versa. Cheers!!

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