Harry Styles walked out of his flat, earning the feeling of a thousand needles, piercing his skin. It was really just the bone chilling England weather. Luckily he had thrown on a coat so it didn't bother him too much. He went outside along with twenty freshly printed papers with his information on it, asking for a room mate. He was deeply in debt to pay of loans, bills and repairs and needed someone suitable for the part.

He walked around Holmes Chapel, his typical and boring home town, stapling the advertisement to wooden poles and such. Once he was done, he took a deep breath, only to wish that someone would care or even need something like he was trying to sell off. He could only hope for right now.

Whilst this was happening, Niall Horan had just arrived in a plane on the other side of town. He was here to work, his job had called him into Holmes Chapel. He didn't mind at all, because he had a reasonably paying job. It was enough to make it by all right and still have a little money left to spend on himself. He needed a place to stay though, for he was to dorm in a local hotel until he could find a permanent place.

Both boys were happy with life, there being no reason to be sad, or angry at anyone. The only emotions they felt at the current time was longingness and just being stressed out. They were often tired from working and just bored going through the same routine everyday. And they were longing for someone or something to make a surprise visit in their lives. At this point at a young age, they had no idea what was in store for them.

Niall walked out of the airport, two heavy suitcases in hand, full of clothes and things to help take care of himself until he finds a permanent home. He didn't know how long he was going to be stationed in Holmes Chapel, but it definitely was going to be for a while. He was taking over a small company and if he wasn't mistaken, he would be replaced once he retired. He didn't mind the fact that he would be here for more than likely the rest of his life. He had already gotten an okay impression of the place, with the pretty trees and the cold weather that he liked. Now all he needed was a place to live.

As Niall was dropped out of the taxi cab he took, he was handed his luggage and a given a faint smile from the driver. Then he watched the taxi drive off, somewhere in the foggy distance. He took a deep breath and began walking, looking for a hotel he may be able to stay in. As he was walking, a piece of paper hit him right in the face making him almost go mental. Once Niall calmed down, he looked at the peculiar piece of paper that had hit him, and started reading:

Harry Styles, 22, male; looking for a room mate who is a male, around the same age. Split the bills in half and share most everything in the apartment. If you are interested, come visit. I am free most days and nights. We can work out details and arrangements.

You can also call this number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Address: 4827 West Terrace Street, Holmes Chapel, CW4

Flat: C3

Thank you!

And it's almost as if it was fate. He looked up at the street sign that read: West Terrace Street. He smiled to himself knowing that he was extremely lucky and that he was in for a big treat.

Niall continued down the road only to find what he was looking for. The apartment complex called 'West Terrace Flats'. There were four sections that you could go to. Each section had a sign pointing towards them with 'A, B, C, or D' on them. He looked at the slip of paper with the advertisement on it and read the adress again. It said 'C3'. So he walked to the section on his left with the sign 'C'.

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