~*Chapter 11*~

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Jess's POV

The next morning, I rolled out of bed, falling onto the floor. I got dressed quickly, and quickly decided I'd give the boys a "gift".

So, I texted Shelby.

They all were staying in the castle for a while, just until I think we go back to the house we used to live in.

When Shelby showed up to the room, we started our video.

"Hey guys, Jess here! I'm with Shelby too!"

"Hi!" She said.

"Today, we're gonna prank the boys! It's gonna be really funny."

So, holding my small blogging camera, we snuck down to the room all the boys decided to sleep in. I think it was Jin's room, and while they all had rooms, they slept in one room. It's weird.

I peeked in, and they were all sleeping in Jin's dark purple room. I nodded to Shelby. We slipped a note under the door, and knocked on it three times, VERY loudly.

Shelby and I turned invisible when Max opened the door.

"Look at the ceiling in 90 seconds, no sooner, no later."

After showing this to the guys, it had been 88 seconds. They had made a timer, and when it ringed, they looked up.

Adam's POV

After Max told us the instructions, we stared at the ceiling when my phone rang. There was nothing. Then, 2 terrifying duck demonesses appeared on the ceiling, clinging onto it, their heads staring at us. 

"DUCK DEMONESSES!" I shouted throwing my pillow at them.

"Ahh!" Max high-pitched screamed.

"Waaaaa!" Jin yelled.

Screaming came from the rest of the boys.

Then I noticed the vlogging camera.

The EXACT one I gave Jess.

"Jess, what the f-"

"No Adam! Not on ma video!" Jess the demoness duck shouted at me.

We heard Shelby's high-pitched laughing, "OMG Adam, you sounded like a little girl."

"Yeah, we got you guys," Jess said while she jumped down from the ceiling, turning back into her short, cute, raven haired self. 

She faced her vlogging camera, "Well guys, that's all for this video! Slap that Like Button if you enjoyed, and subscribe. Bye for now!" 

And with that, she sprinted out the door, Shelby right behind her.

It took me a second to realize.

She was gonna upload that video. 

I was the first one out the door.


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