*~Chapter 19*~

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Andy's POV (read all of author's note)

We were soon rescued from our location.

My brother flew to where we were, embracing me, before the two of us set off, Jess in his arms, Kitty in mine.

This orange haired which led most of the girls through a portal to Phoenix Castle. Shelby and Ross did the same. Ross looked for Bella and his sister, tears in his eyes.

????'s POV

I sat in the pile of girls, shaking my head, and watching Gem explode.

I was so mean, to not even fight the potion.

I looked at Bella, and she was crying.

We were soon being freed.

I was talking to Bella, when a man with curly brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin ran up to us, embracing Bella.

"Bella! Your brother will be so happy to see you!" he yelled.

Her and I looked at the man.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Yeah, and if she knows you, I must know you," I said.

The man looked at me, and I saw a lightbulb turn on in Bella's head.

"I know who you are!!!!" she shouted, jumping up and down.

"I don't remember...." I said, frustrated.

Glancing at the man's face, I saw a similarity in it.

"Stand next to me," I told him.

He stood next to me, and I used magic to make a reflection, sort of like a mirror.

Staring back at me were two people with curly brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Similar, but lots of people have blue eyes and brown hair. I think, anyway.

"Hybrid by chance?" I asked.

He walked over to a pond, and slowly transformed.

Legs turning into a gray tail, silver horn on his forehead.

"Sloth!!!" I shouted, running into the water, my legs melting into a blue tail, with a silver horn on my head.

"I'm not a sloth!!" he laughed, hugging me.

"Ross, I-" I began, choking on my own tears.

"It's okay, Rosheen, let's go home."

Max's POV (read author's note, all of it)

I stared at the dead body of my younger sister.

She was so young...

Picking her up bridal style, I realized I was the last person here, and Lucinda was waiting for me to come, Nana on the other side, tears in her eyes, staring at me. Zane had his hand on her shoulder, nodding for us to come. 

I stared at my sister's face, and kissed her forehead. Walking through, I silently cried.

What, you thought I'd be mad at Adam, or Andy?

No, I don't blame them at all.

I don't blame anybody, not even myself.

I'm actually proud of Gem, believe it or not.

Because I know, deep down inside, I wouldn't have enough courage to die, and let my lover live, let them live life, without me. To end my life. At least, not for another forty years.


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