Voldemort's Daughter

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Most characters belong to JK Rowling so no copyright intended. I know there's a lot of voldemort stories out there but I thought "hey screw it. Let's right my first fan-fiction." Hope you like it! Please comment, vote.. (you get the idea)  

so here goes...

'Crucio!' The high voice muttered, followed by a pig- like scream and irritating pleading. Bloody hell, I cursed, why is it Wormtail always screams like a girl? Can't he just suffer in silence? It was beyond me. Groggily, I pulled my hand out from under the warmth of my duvet and reached towards my clock. Holy cow, It was only just past seven o'clock. In the morning, no doubt. Could I not even enjoy a sleep in these days? grrrrrr....  

Angry I pulled myself out of bed, the cold attacking with talons of ice, and stumbled towards the bathroom. Brushing my teeth messily, I pulled myself up to look in the mirror. It was not a pretty sight. My usually average midnight hair was knotted and greasy, framing my over pale face. It was no surprise my face was so deathly, it tends to happen to most people when they barely see the sun for three months. My mascara was smudged under my left eye and my right was bloodshot and rimmed with sleep. Groaning, I turned the tap on and splashed my face with the freezing water. Shivering with cold, I attempted to brush my hair. I failed with flying colours, resorting to a messy bun. Annoyed, I pulled out one of the many robes from my wardrobe and slipped it over my head, wincing as the material clung to my hair. Once the drama was over, I opened my door and quietly creeped down the stairs, wanting to make my appearance unknown. 

I was doing well, considering how hard it was to walk in silence across wooden floorboards. Until now. I tripped carelessy, falling face first into the floor. Ouch, well that hurt more than it should have. I cursed, pulling my head up and opened my eyes. I should have kept them closed. In front of me was a snake, no less than two metres long, it's red eyes full of pity for me. 

'Oh shut up' I hissed at it.' I didn't mean to do it Nagini, but you know how I am.' The snake, with a nod, hissed back. I couldn't understand full parseltoungue yet, but I got the drift. She understood me. I smiled, marvelling at the simple fact that I could converse with a snake. It had scared me at first, knowing that snakes could hear my words and comprehend them. I didn't really like this part of being a part of Riddle, but my father was still helpig me, guiding me towards greatness. I stood up, shaking the dust off my black robe and began to descend down the spiral staircase, where I could still hear the pointless wail of Wormtail. I strode into the living room, my clothes swaying behind me. My father was sitting on one of the chairs towards the far side of me, a sobbing Wormtail at his feet. He heard my approach and turned towards me, his eyes widening with joy. A smile begun the creep at the corners of my mouth. With a hard kick, my father sent Wormtail away, the man crying and trembling with fear. He quivered as he passed me, no doubt scared of me. I found it funny, a full grown man in fear of a 14 year old girl. He shuffled his way out of he room, leaving the room to just my father and me.  

'Father', I mumbled, respectfully inclining my head. He nodded his approval. He chuckled once, before opening his arms wide, waitin for my embrace.  

I ran over to him and allowed him to wrap his arms around me. Oh.. it had been too long. I had gone soft, allowing myself to be hugged. Strangely enough, father didn't seem to mind. 'I'm surprised Sarah, as to why you are up this early?' He asked warmly, hugging me closer. 'Oh let me guess... Wormtail again?' 

I wasn't too sure what to say. I sort of felt sorry for that miserable git and telling my father he had woken me up again would Introduce the poor gut into a whole new world of pain. I shook my head. 'No father. It was just a bad dream,' I told him, lying openly to my father. His eyes narrowed, until they were thin slits. He knew I was lying. God, he could probably smell it. And lying to Lord Voldemort was a very bad idea indeed.  

He picked up his wand between two bony fingers and called for Wormtail to make himself present. He made Wormtail sit on the floor, his eyes wide with terror. 

'Sarah, come sit next to me please,' he said. It wasn't a question, it was an order. I sat down gingerly and stared with sorrow at Wormtail. I knew what was going to happen. My father would punish me by making me watch the pain of others. But he didn't want it to be a punishment as such. On the contrary actually, he wanted me to enjoy it. He wanted me to be like him, his perfect child. 

I tried not to cry as the first wave of screaming began.

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