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"You ease my mind, you make everything feel fine"


Allison- I'll be a little late to work today, I woke up late.

I send the message to Justin as I stand outside the green Starbucks. My palms are hot, causing me to continuously wipe them on my black skirt. I can hear my heart in my ears as I spot Jason through the clear glass window. He sits in an all black outfit, shades covering his eyes. The long scar that slides from his left eye to his lip peeks out from underneath his glasses. I am the one who set up this meeting, and I'm not going to let my nervousness stop me from getting the information I so desperately want.

Without another thought, I push the door open, making my way over to Jason. "Hey," I say softly, and his head slowly turns to face me.

He reaches up, sliding off his glasses so I can see his cold, brown eyes. "Hello, Allison, how are you?"

"I'm alright," I take a seat across from him at the table, "thank you for agreeing to this."

He nods slightly, "I assumed you would get in contact with me, somehow."

I look up at him, "Justin has been very on the edge lately, and I'm worried it has something to do with the Jacob situation."

Jason laughs, "It one hundred percent has to do with Jacob. Justin is scared, he's been scared ever since your accident."

This causes me to frown, "My accident?" What is he talking about? I haven't had any accidents with Justin.

Jason sighs, taking a sip of his coffee in the cardboard cup. "Allison, some things I am more than happy to tell you about, others, are none of my business. I also know that Justin will eventually have to tell you things about his and your past. The only things I am going to talk to you about are ones regarding your safety."

His eye contact with me becomes too intense, causing me to look down at the dark wooden table. Jason notices. "Justin is a coward." He spits harshly. "I can't believe he brought you back into his life, being the selfish piece of shit he is, putting you in danger yet again."

"I don't follow." I say softly, not wanting to rile him up anymore than he already is.

"Jacob is coming after you, Allison."

I frown deeply. "What is he going to do?"

Jason shakes his head, looking away from me. "Allison, he'll stop at nothing to ruin Justin. He'll kill you." My breathing hitches in my throat as the world kill rolls of Jason's tongue.

"K-kill?" I splutter out.

Jason takes another drink of his coffee. "He tried once before. Who knows what he'll do this time?"

"He tried to kill me before?" I whisper in shock. My chest tightens and I find it harder to breath. Jason realizes this, and pushes his hot cup towards me.

"Hold onto it, it'll make you feel better, trust me." I follow his suggestion and grip the hot, thin cup, pressing the cardboard in as I feel the warmth deep through my palms. I close my eyes briefly, before looking back up at Jason's emotionless eyes. "I'm sorry, Allison, I shouldn't have brought it up so suddenly."

"No, it's okay, I asked for it." I mumble, keeping both of my hands wrapped around the cup. This time, I don't shy away. "How did he try to kill me before?"

"I'm aware of your car accident, Allison, I'm sorry to hear you lost your memory due to it." He begins, and I frown, what does that have to do with anything? He notices my confusion and continues. "Jacob is the one that hit you."

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