Chapter Nine

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"What is she doing, Lachesis?"

"I don't know, Clotho. It seems to me as though she's trying to rewrite our fates."

"We are the Fates. Surely she doesn't think her mere quill will write us off?"

Sadie felt her heart pound. Her face grew hot. Her hand shook as she tried to write faster. She knew they were coming closer. She could feel it. She forced herself to look up. Clotho was now picking at her fingernails while Lachesis glowered as though she couldn't wait to get her hands around Sadie's throat.

"You know that's not going to work, right?" Clotho said nonchalantly.

Sadie swallowed a lump in her throat racing to finish her sentence.

"Your thread has been spun." Lachesis spat.

"Your thread has been measured," Clotho added calmly.

"Atropos is in the Underworld as we speak with it in her hands. She is going to cut your thread. Any. Minute."

Sadie added one last drop of ink to the page then let go of the quill. She stepped back her palms raised in the air in surrender.

Lachesis and Clotho paused and stared at her in confusion.

"What is she doing?" Clotho whispered.

"How do I know?" Lachesis scowled.

Sadie sheepishly glanced up. The two sisters stood before her desk watching her like confused puppies. Sadie looked behind them and saw the quills from Meredith's desk and Professor Hobbs's desk glowing red. She held her breath praying her plan would work.

The two quills turned onto their sides in midair their tips pointed at Lachesis and Clotho respectively.

"Oh, enough of this!" Lachesis snapped. "Kill her!"

Without any hesitation, Clotho leaped over the desk her arms stretched out to grab Sadie. Sadie squeezed her eyes tight readying for the impact.

But none came. Instead, she heard a piercing scream that made Sadie want to scream herself it hurt her ears so much. She peeled one eye open as the scream began to fade. Sadie opened both eyes and stood straight again watching the horrid scene unfold before her.

Lachesis and Clotho both had the quills sticking out of their necks. Their screams turned into gasps, Lachesis scratching at her throat and Clotho trying to hold onto her sister for comfort. They tried to suck in the air as best they could, but it didn't seem any oxygen was getting their lungs. They were suffocating.

Sadie pressed her back against the wall behind her desk. It was a train wreck she couldn't turn away from no matter how much she wanted to. She stared at the two hags in horror as deep black lines formed all over their bodies. It clung to them like vines, their gasps growing more strenuous.

Was that... ink? The quills were drowning the two sisters in ink.

Clotho and Lachesis went still as statues, as quiet as a graveyard. Sadie pushed herself off from the wall and took a step forward. Before she had time to do anything else, Clotho and Lachesis vanished, slowly evaporating into the air like smoke.

The quills remained once Clotho and Lachesis were gone. They floated back to their respective desks and stood straight in the air. The feathers were no longer red with vengeance or black conformed to the crowd. They were blue with innocence, a sudden calm waving over the room.

Sadie gazed down at her own quill, her feather still red and shimmering with energy. It stood right back up and continued writing allowing the yellow quills in the crowd to fade back to black. She turned her attention back to the blue quills walking around the side of the desk wanting to get a closer look.

They both began to glow, a blue smoky hue emanating from the two notebooks. Sadie held onto her desk for balance. She tried to shy away from the bright lights but forced herself to watch.

The hues formed into human shapes and before Sadie knew it, Professor Hobbs and Meredith were standing before her.

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