Chapter Ten

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Sadie stood up, her jaw dropping in shock. She cupped her hands around her mouth. "Meredith?" she murmured.

A young woman lifted her head and opened her eyes. She smiled. "Hi, Sadie. Long time, no see."

Sadie cracked a smile dropping her arms back down to her side. She turned to her left looking at the older gentleman beside Meredith. "And Professor Hobbs."

He smiled and dipped his head in a polite greeting. "Please, I am no longer your professor. Call me Gerald."

The smile on Sadie's face fell into a frown. "You mean you're...?"

"Yes," Meredith teetered her head back and forth, "and no."

"We heard you needed a couple of Scribes," Gerald smirked, "Head Scribe." He stretched his arm out behind him. His blue quill and notebook floated over to him. As he took them in his arms, his name disappeared on his old desk and a new one appeared along with a new quill and notebook.

Taking his cue, Meredith looked over at her own desk. She too willed her quill and notebook to her. Her name disappeared and was replaced with a new one.

Two bigger desks, but smaller than Sadie's appeared on the other side of the goddess statue. Gerald and Meredith each claimed a desk setting their notebooks and quills down.

"So you two are here to help with all the people in the world? To help me save their lives?" Sadie asked.

Meredith nodded. "You're the Head Scribe, Sadie. I was a chosen Scribe, I just didn't know it."

"We were fully aware of what was going on while being possessed by Clotho and Lachesis," Gerald explained. "There was nothing we could do though. It was quick thinking on your part to use the written word against them."

Sadie cracked a small smile. "At least I now know this job won't be lonely."

"Yes," Meredith agreed. "The job of a Scribe will never be done, but it'll be easier when all the evil Fates have gone."

Sadie closed her eyes willing everything to go away. "Oh, right... I forgot about Atropos." She opened her eyes again and shrugged. "Well, how are we supposed to defeat her?"

"Not we, you," Gerald corrected.

"Great. What's the point of having Scribes under me if they don't help me fight the bad guys?" Sadie deadpanned.

"We'll be holding the fort here," Gerald said ignoring the sarcastic tone. He pointed to the statue behind Sadie. She looked over her shoulders and noticed Destiny's hands were glowing a bright white.

Mesmerized, Sadie stood before the statue. She lifted her hands and placed hers into Destiny's like she had done before.

"Good luck, Sadie," Gerald said somberly.

"Let's see if the pen is mightier than the sword." Meredith winked.

Sadie gasped realizing she didn't grab her quill or notebook. She tried to peel her hands off the statue, but she was too late. The Room of Destiny was gone.

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