Chapter Eight

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"Lachesis." Clotho stood from one of the desks when Sadie and Lachesis, who used to be Meredith, entered the room.

"Atropos isn't going to like this, Clotho." Lachesis paused in the middle of the room putting her hands on her hips. She glowered at her sister with such a deep hatred that Sadie wondered if they would brawl each other.

Clotho rolled her eyes. "Atropos will be fine."

"We were supposed to wait," Lachesis snapped.

"Atropos has been wanting to cut her thread for ages now. She'll be thrilled the moment has finally arrived!"

Sadie listened to the two hags bicker watching them like a tennis match.

Lachesis sneered in response. "We very well can't bring her to the Underworld now. She's not going to come easily."

Sadie swallowed. The Underworld? She believed in greater things out there such as God and Heaven, but she never imagined a place like Hell existed.

"My dear sister," Clotho said in a mocking tone, "I do believe we have something called magic. I'm pretty sure we're able to force little Sadie down there if need be."

Lachesis hesitated but finally nodded. "Yes, I suppose you're right."

The two witches faced Sadie both wearing wicked grins. Sadie grew warm at their icy stares. The two sister took a step forward. Sadie stepped back with her hands in the air.

"Wait, aren't you supposed to have some sort of monologue?" she asked.

Lachesis and Clotho both narrowed their eyes. They glanced at each other, shrugged, then turned their attention back to Sadie. "What?" they asked in unison.

Sadie drew in a nervous breath. She had seen the good guys distract the bad guys long enough to get away in movies, but she didn't know how well it would work for her.

"Well, I assume you're going to kill me," Sadie stated.

The sisters nodded.

"Then you at least owe me an explanation as to why. I mean, I was thrown into this Scribe thing. I don't know what I'm doing and yet you guys hate me for some reason. What did I do?" Sadie asked. She dropped her arms down to her side and tried to relax her shoulders. She wanted to keep her guard up but she didn't want to appear threatening to them.

Lachesis rolled her eyes. "Fine."

"Wait, you're not going to tell the story, are you?" Clotho asked holding onto Lachesis's arm.

"Yes, I am."

"Let me tell it, please? You always get so angry when you explain."

"Perfect." Lachesis grinned through gritted teeth. "It will be much more satisfying to kill her then."

Clotho sighed letting go of her sister's arm. "Alright then."

"You know the Goddess Destiny, dear?" Lachesis asked.

Sadie nodded though she had only heard of the Goddess. All she really knew was that she was a Scribe because Destiny needed help.

"She created us," Lachesis stated.

"And then destroyed us," Clotho added.

"I'm telling the story!" Lachesis snapped. Clotho retreated a few feet away from her sister with her head bowed.

Lachesis composed herself as best she could while giving Sadie her undivided attention once more. "Destiny ruled the world. She watched over the humans. It was proving to be too much for her so she created my sisters and me to help. Destiny watched the northern part of the world, while Clotho was to watch the western part, Atropos the south, and I the east. It wasn't too long when Atropos decided she didn't like what she saw in the mortals. There were so many killings of humans. They were killing each other out of cold blood. Atropos had tried to save as many as she could but grew weary of it. She became angry with the mortals and had decided if they had wanted to kill so bad, they should be killed. She decided to weed out the bad humans."

Sadie slowly moved along the perimeter of the room as Lachesis weaved in and out of the desks in the middle. Clotho remained on the other side of the goddess statue with her head still bowed to the ground.

"Destiny had scolded Atropos. She said it wasn't nice, the humans didn't deserve such a thing." Lachesis scoffed. "Atropos told her the humans deserved to die if they were not going to take their lives seriously." She paused and looked at Sadie who stopped in her tracks. "It makes sense, you know. Why take another's life if you're unhappy with your own?"

Sadie remained still and kept a level gaze on Lachesis. She wasn't sure if she was supposed to respond to that, but Lachesis quickly lost interest and turned away once more. Once she did, Sadie side-stepped toward the front of the room again.

"Destiny banished our dear older sister," Lachesis said somberly. "To the Underworld, of course. It's where the blackened souls go. Lucky for Atropos, Hades was thrilled with her idea. He gave her a pair of shears to aid her in her killings.

"Atropos told Hades of myself and Clotho and he sought us out," Lachesis continued as she absentmindedly ran a finger over all the desks she passed as though she were dusting for prints. "Hades had given Clotho a special thread to spin and I was put in charge deciding how long each thread would be before it got cut. Atropos was, of course, in charge of cutting the thread thus ultimately ending many lives. Hades wanted more souls to collect and us Fates got to have some fun getting rid of mortal after mortal."

Sadie was standing in front of her desk now. She leaned back against it pressing the palms of her hands into the edge. Her notebook and quill were right behind her. That happened to be her only weapon though she didn't know what to do with it.

Lachesis's face twisted into a chilling scowl. "Then Destiny created Scribes. We weren't good enough so she created a whole tribe of Scribes! Not one, not three, but thousands of them! It grew harder for us three of us to kill a human while there were a few hundred Scribes assigned to each mortal."

"But we did it..." Clotho chuckled.

Sadie snapped her head to her left. The goddess statue was next to her desk but Clotho remained on the other side of it. Sadie had almost forgotten she was there. Her head was still bowed but low chuckles rose into the air and her shoulders shook with giggles.

"We got rid of the Scribes. All of them," Lachesis said in a calming tone. "Except for one."

"You," Clotho stated.

Sadie looked over at Clotho who was now glaring at her but smiling evilly.

"You are the last one," Lachesis said.

"Then our job will finally be complete."

"We can go about killing humans again."

"Maybe Destiny as well." Clotho chuckled.

"Oh, that would be nice!" Lachesis agreed giddily.

While the two sisters were distracted, Sadie ran around to the other side of her desk. She snatched her quill from the air interrupting its writing. She placed the tip down on the paper and began to write.

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