Chapter 18

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By nightfall, Uncle Dietrich rushed over. And on the following day, the news spread to everyone in every village and district.

A Pureblood has been conceived. It was big news.

Nobles from all over came to give their congratulations to Master. They come inquiring about his well-being and showering him with praise as if it was Master carrying the child.

And today, the Dietrich family is hosting a exclusive party to celebrate. Only close friends and family are invited.

The party is already one hour in and I haven't seen Valerie. That's my good news.

"I hope this ends quickly," I say absentmindedly to the vampire to my right.

He tilted his head to the side in question. "And why?"

"If this ends quickly, then I don't have to feel 'anxious' wondering if Valerie is going to show up."

My eyes scan the crowd. Another minute passed. Still safe.

The noble chuckled. "The Rosegardens weren't invited today."

I glare at him who had his arms crossed in front of his chest. A smug look sat mischievously on his face. He knew the whole time I was worried and yet he didn't say a word.

"Don't be bitter Lucien," I say as I watch some of the vampires waltz in the center of the ballroom.

I was by the sidelines, making sure everything was orderly.

He laid down his glass of wine and blocked my view with his big stature. There aren't many people who can block my vision and he obviously enjoyed being one of the rare ones who could.

"Who's bitter now?" he asked innocently, his eyes rounder than usual.

My eyes scoot emotionlessly at him.

"I have to keep the guests happy and I can't keep them happy if I can't see them," I say as I take a step to the side.

Lucien moved in the same direction and we were back to square one.

"The guest standing right here in front of you would be really happy if you'd ask him for a dance?"

I took a step to the opposite side, but he moved swiftly so that his stride met exactly with mine.

"Please don't tease this poor maid who is only trying to do her job," I plead monotonously.

He flashed a dashing smile. "It was only a suggestion. Even if you don't ask, I would." The Lord of Emberwind put one hand behind his black tailored suit and offered the other to me. "Would you give me the greatest honor?"

My hand somehow ended up on top of his and we both glided to the center of the crowd. He is a great dancer. Perhaps exceeding of my own Master whom I was observing for the past hour. But then again, it may be hard to waltz with Alvena. There is a noticeable height difference.

"Eve," Lucien continues to call me.

I look at him confused. "Why are you friendly with me? I rejected you."

Lucien feigned a look of heartbreak.

"I'm hurt that you'd think I'd give up only after just one rejection." He spun me around before pulling me back closer. "Here I was, worried that it was Alek's approval I needed to get. Guess I overestimated my place in your heart," he said with no sense of shame. "I'll be more mindful in the future."

There was no anger or pretense in his voice. There may have been slight impatience, which he previously addressed as a consequence of my denseness, but in my defense, I am improving.

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