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Master's Vampire (OutCaste) by kewpid_ish
Master's Vampire (OutCaste)by kewpid
Evelyn, a Disabled vampire, slowly learns about feelings after being bought by her Master as a gift for his human mistress.
  • power
  • vampires
  • vampirelord
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Winter's Game by phoenixhalk
Winter's Gameby phoenixhalk
Juniper lives in a world where castes determine your life. Juniper was born into the lowest caste, earning herself a lifetime of hardships and pain. She also lives in a...
  • castesystem
  • fantasy
  • familiars
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All Men Must Die by cysthebeliever
All Men Must Dieby Doomed by the Deciever
In actuality, Serena should have known it would all go to shit. In which a teenage girl dies and is reincarnated into a fictional dystopian society.
  • olderwoman
  • horror
  • lgbt
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Tied To You (Raglak) by darkmira101
Tied To You (Raglak)by Dark M i r a 1O1
Sometimes some relationships mean more to us than those with a name. However, when society asks you what is the relationship you have with this person, that's when we qu...
  • sanskar
  • swaragini
  • raglak
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Castles by iWantToBeChubby
Castlesby Z
CASTLES. It's hard to tell whether this story takes place in the future or the past. Kings and queens living in fortresses made of stone, attempted assassinations...
  • thepast
  • gainer
  • princesses
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PURE SILVER by littlegiggler
PURE SILVERby littlegiggler
When the Marineers, the people of the Sea, who prefer calling themselves the Golds after conquering the most powerful Constituent, the Sky, begin to run the entire Khala...
  • superior
  • lovestory
  • romance
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Hiding In Plain Sight by KateSunshineClarke
Hiding In Plain Sightby KateSunshineClarke
Charlotte "Charlie" Neal is a Five who, unlike the Prince, has worked every day of her life. At first she signs the paperwork to join his Selection to appease...
  • popcorn
  • wolves
  • illwaitforyou
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Obelus by Lauderdale_Sodover
Obelusby Dale Sodover
A modern caste system that consists of individuals bearing a certain number of tally marks on their skin. Revealed from the day of their birth, the number of tally marks...
  • alternatedimension
  • drama
  • castesystem
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Raven by AriDreams
Ravenby Ari
Elementals lived in harmony with eachother in the kingdom of Agora. Everyone had an element that they could manipulate for their own sake. Some people used their element...
  • earth
  • magic
  • castesystem
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E.R.A by Zerovalley
E.R.Aby Zerovalley
In a world filled with phillosophers and knights magic exists The story starts with a cruel king who ruled the land magic was created through Phillosopher stone And imm...
  • castesystem
  • phillosophers
  • mythology
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Player One by StarishPrince
Player Oneby Ash
Mazie and Caleb, twins whom had a record of suspensions. It wasn't their fault, to an extent. But one school turns their lives upside down. A caste system, one that the...
  • awkward
  • highschool
  • gamer
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Grieve's Chapel by JessekiKelly
Grieve's Chapelby ConvivialComposer
Benjamin Grieve was a revolutionary some seventy odd years ago. His efforts to give refuge to the unmentionables of a divided nation are forever imprinted in history; ho...
  • steampunk
  • friends
  • abnormalities
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Canderov by EliaAnneFree
Canderovby Elia
In the year 634 a great battle was waged, one between a tyrant and a philosopher. They were brothers, and even more so they were twins. Both of whom inherited a kingdom...
  • fantsasy
  • spirits
  • magic
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The Thorned Rainbow by lizzylue11
The Thorned Rainbowby LizzyLue11
"The stone of beauty cast to live in the dirt; The rainbow designed to reconcile the storm; Jade Francisca born to live for eternity." Jade's home lies in the...
  • ruining
  • hell
  • hellonearth
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Something Else - a Selection Fanfiction by the-demelza-robins
Something Else - a Selection demelza
Anna Grace needs to escape. Desperately. A Five who can't sing, dance, paint, or play instruments, she enrolls in the Selection as a way to become a Three and pursue he...
  • queen
  • romance
  • illeacapitalreport
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Caste by onepeterpotter
Casteby breanna ❦
In a world where there are no dictators, nor presidents. Where only Kings and Queens live. And a caste system is based upon the color of your eyes. In this world royals...
  • differentshadesofeyes
  • multiplechapters
  • tragedy
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Altered by lixuanng
Alteredby li xuan (lee)
Beauty, strength, superhuman abilities-these are the things that used to be out of reach. When it's at your fingertips, turns out it doesn't come alone, but with consequ...
  • mercenary
  • wattys2018
  • writteninaction
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Magenta Eyes by Anti-Social-Libra
Magenta Eyesby Of Rhymes and Roses
We live in a society where a caste system has been placed. We are to obey these silent laws, and have our lives guided by the iris of our eyes. Our livelihood depends on...
  • adventure
  • magenta
  • prejudice
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The Crowning of a New Queen by TheRoleplayQueens
The Crowning of a New Queenby Queens of Roleplay
TheRoleplayQueens is a collab account and The Crowning of a New Queen is where you can learn about what positions you can hold on TheRoleplayQueens. Inside is more infor...
  • roleplay
  • collab
  • form
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