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A/N: fucking warning ⚠️ ‼️there will be sexual content in this chapter and most likely in the rest. If you're not into that stop fucking reading.🛑‼️

Vivian's POV

"How about this one" I showed Luis the dress I had on.

"Mami you look sexy in everything ma" Luis bit his lip.

"Luis be realistic right now"

"Okay Okay, I like this one on you but I'd prefer you in this one" he handed me a dress.

I went to try on the dress, and it barely covers anything!

"Luis, can you come here Papí" I called out for him.

"Yes Ma- Fuck"

"Don't you think it shows a bit too much" I said flirtatious.

"Y-you're r-right Mamí, I cant have these other guys looking at you too much. How about I buy it and you could walk around my room in it after we-"

"Or, I can get the other dress and you take me to the ducks party next Saturday, I know you planned it out" I cut him off.

"Are you sure Mamí?" He said as he pressed himself against my booty.

I but down on my lip to stop me from letting out a moan. He noticed.

"You know Mamí real soon you're gonna be able to let out all your moans baby, real soon." He whispered.

His hot breath on my neck, the things this boy was doing to me. He wasn't even in between... oh my, what am I thinking.

"Try on this one, it'll bring out your curves"

"Uh-um right, Okay" a big smirk plastered on his face.

"I'm almost positive I know what you were thinking of" he said and sat down.

I began taking off the very revealing dress. Luis sat their and stared at me intensively. He kept moving, and couldn't keep still.

Right before I put on the dress I was slammed onto the wall. A pair of strong hands gripped my waist, and I felt a very hard bulge on my private.

"Do you know how hard it is for me right now, so I won't rip off your panties and take you right here, right now?" He whispered.


"I want you so bad right now" he kissed my neck.

And with that he eagerly kissed me. The kiss rough and heated, but somehow it was still passionate. His hands went down to my booty and slowly began to take off the barely put on dress. I was quick to react once he began to take off my panties.

"Luis, not here"

He groaned and slid my panties back on. I began to put my clothes back on while Luis sat down and squirmed.

Once I had finished putting my clothes back in Luis basically dragged me out off the changing room. He paid for the clothes I picked out, including the dress he had picked out for me.

Once we reached his car he pulled me close to him and left a kiss on my lips.

"Just wait till we get to my place right now Mamí" he whispered and kissed my neck.

I gulped and tried to avoid the fucking ocean in between my legs, and walk straight. I'm pretty sure Luis caught on what was happening and had a smirk slapped on his face.

The car ride was silent, then of course Luis being Luis he just had to put his hand on my thigh and work his way up. Well this wasn't helping my fucking ocean.

His hand went as high as it could go up my thigh, just right next to my entrance. He slid his hand in my panties, dipping a finger in. I gasped, he began pumping it in and out adding another finger.

I moaned from the pleasure he was giving me, but just as he hit my G-spot he pulled out his fingers. I whimpered at the loss of contact.

"Let's go" he said.

He got out of the car, and came over to my side to open mr door. He threw me over his shoulder and was sure to lock his car.

"Luis, I can walk myself"

"You won't be able to after tonight" he laughed.

He opened the door to his bedroom and threw me on his bed. He immediately climbed on right after me.

He unbuckled his pants and began taking off my clothes, leaving me in my undergarments. He took off his shirt and pants and may I just say, he was fucking humongous.

"What happened Mamí, not big enough?" He laughed.

"No actually, I don't even think you'll fit" I said.

"I will" he said in a positive tone.

He in clipped my bra and slid off my panties. I pulled down his boxers and the whole bulge was let loose.

He slid on a condom and just before he slammed into me, I stopped him.

"Go slow"

"It might hurt a bit in the beginning"

He slid in and fuck that shut hurt.

"Fuck" I winced in pain.

After about a minute or two the pleasure started to kick in. Luis picked up his pace after he got a few moans out of me.

"Faster" I moaned.

"You're so tight" he groaned.

He pumped himself in and out of me, hitting a different angle each time. He went deeper and hit my G-spot.

I woke up the next morning to Luis's hand on my waist and the other on my booty. Not only that but his morning boner. He began moving around and looked at me.

"Morning Mamí, last night was... fuck. You up for round two?" He said.

"Luis I'm already sore enough, I don't think I need to be sore for a month" I giggled.

"C'mon how am I supposed to take care of this then?" he pouted.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out"

"Already did" he pulled his member out of his boxers and slid down my panties.

"Luis we can't, I have to get to Sabrina's house"

"I'll drive you, let me just finish"

"L-Luis, I mmm...fuck" I moaned as he slowly put himself in me.

I rang the door bell to Sabs house. She came to the door and let me in.

"By the looks of it I'm guessing you had a little sleepover at Mendoza's" Sabs said referring to his hoodie.

"A little more than just sleeping"

Sabs looked at me dead in the eye. "Man candy took away your v-card!" She whisper-yelled.

"Yes! You have no idea how good it was" I whisper-yelled.

"Oh believe me, I know"

"Bitch, now you have to tell me"

"Well he didn't want to tell anyone yet but you know Ethan from 5th period"

"Soccer team Ethan"

"That's the one"

"Omg, Sabs. When was this?"

"Last weekend, and maybe a few times during the week"

A/N: I'm so sorry I took forever to update but here you go loves. Hope y'all liked it💞💗

Ps: sorry for the smut😬

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