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"Mendoza, I think I should be heading home. It's almost 8"

He groaned.

"You sure you can't stay the night?"

"Positive, my mom thinks I'm doing a project"

"Ffffiinnneee, You're staying over Saturday for sure though" he smirked.

"I don't think so" I laughed.

"Oh I know you're staying over Saturday"


"So you're telling me you and man candy are dating but not dating?" Daisy asked.

"No, I don't know it's complicated"

"Well, you should find out what you are soon. Because I'm not saying this is going to happen so don't attack me, but what if Luis is just using you" Sabrina said making a point.

"I never put too much attention to that"

"And if that happens, what's gonna happen when tony finds out about it?"

"What did I get myself into" I sighed.

"okay enough of that, let's think positive." Marisol said.

"What if he's really into you and he's looking for an actual future with you?" She said.

"I-I think I'd be willing to be with him" I said.

"With who" tony scared me.

"Her man ca-" Daisy started to say.

"Someone" I said.

"Okay" he walked away awkwardly.

"Why'd you stop me?"

"Luis is kinda, maybe scared of Tony."

They snickered.

"Is he really" Sabs laughed.

"I think so" I laughed along with her.

"Okay, real talk. I think I just found myself a husband" Daisy blushed.

"And that is?" I said with curiosity.

"You now Adam from the hockey team, Luis's friend?"


"That's the one" she smiled.

"How long has this been going on?" Marisol asked.

"About 2 weeks"

"2 weeks! When were you going to tell us" Sabs exclaimed.


L: Meet at my place

L: I have something important to tell you ;)

I sent him a quick text and headed down stairs.

V: I'll ask

"Hey Ama, would it be okay if I went to a friends house for a little?" I asked.

"Casa de un amigo? O Novio?" She questioned me.

I stayed quiet, speechless in a way.

"Esta bien mija, Luis me cay bien. Ya terminaste la tarea?" she said.

"Gracias Ama" I smiled, going over to give her a hug.

"Pero ahorita no quiero nietos." She laughed.

"I wasn't even thinking of that, te lo prometo." I laughed back.

Sabs: hey have you started on Ms. K's assignments?

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