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I barely got up for classes today.I knew that if i got late for Dr. Crowler's class again,i would be in big amount of trouble.

   "C'mon! Hurry up,Sarah."i heard a friendly voice of my friend,Hannah trying to hurry me up while i was having breakfast."I'm coming!Just let me finish this!"i mumbled,putting the rest of my toast in my mouth."Happy?"i asked while running out of the cafeteria.She nodded and pushed me."By the way,notice something?"she smiled and turned around.She had red jacket replace her blue one.No time for games,Hannah!"i acted like i didn't notice anything and ran as fast as i could.

  "Miss Luxon.What is your excuse for being late again?"Crowler asked me when i entered the class."I see." he said when he saw Hannah walk in after me."Sorry Crowler,it won't happen again"Hannah grinned at him and we both took our seats.He looked at us with angry look in his eyes and then continued with the lesson.His every word was soo boring that i almost fell asleep.I couldn't hear anything but snoring and Crowler's girly voice.

    Somebody started to laugh. "Mister Yuki!"Crowler yelled. "Y-Yeeees?"Jaden said,trying to stop laughing. "And can you tell us what is that funny?"Crowler said annoyed."Nothing."Jay said.Crowler looked at him and sat on his seat,mumbling "I can't work with this.I need a vacation."


Hannah fell asleep while waiting for our last class to end. "Don't forget to write an essay.Good day"our teacher reminded us and left.Students started leaving the classroom to enjoy the rest of the friday.Jay came to Hannah and shaked her arm.She was in a deep sleep so he kissed her cheek in front of me.He was red and he giggled.My mouth were wide open as i didn't believe my eyes.He looked up and saw me. "You..."i grinned.He nodded but asked me not to tell her. "Cuz!There ya are."Jim

saw me and greeted us with his hat. "She is all yours,Jay."i winked at him and left with Jim.

    "So.What's up,cuz?"i took his hat and put it on my head. "What?I can't just hang out with my little cuz?I've missed ya."he hugged me.Shirley growled.She looked at me as she wanted to get down.I set her free and sat on the ground.It was still kinda wet so i messed up my shorts.Shirley came to me and put her head on my lap,asking me to pet her.She looked at me with her croack style-puppy eyes.I couldn't say no to that.

   "So what are your plans for today,cuz?"Jim sat next to me,putting his hat back on his head. "I don't know.I'll see.Maybe girls wanna do something like um...duel or go to the beach"i got my mind on that topic so i didn't notice when someone put her hands on my eyes. "Guess who?And just for you to know,i am an awesome girl with great hair!"she bragged. "Ooooh i don't know.Is it Sy?"i started laughing. "No.It's Nicole!Oh hi,Jim."she said and pulled me up. "Hello,Nicole.I was about to leave to find some fosils"he jumped on his feet ad walked away.

    "So.Did you see Hannah? I wanna ask her something."she hopped around happilly. "She is with Jay.You know what i mean"i left out a scary sound.She was looking at me like i was crazy and she almost bumped into a tree which was next to her. "Are ya okay?"i asked her,trying to hold the laughter. "Haha!Real funny!"she sulked.

   At th moment,she smirked as her eyes fell on Hannah and Jaden,who were sitting on the bench near the school. "Hannah!I need to talk to you."we walked towards them.Hannah sighed and stood up. "What's up?",,Are you two free today?"Nicole looked at us. "Guess so."Hannah nodded and looked at me. "Yeah."i said.Hannah put on her devilish smile. "Let's have a slamber party.""We can have it in my room.I am sure Jess won't mind."i looked at my feet and saw my white and blue boots.~I should really start wearing snickers~i taught as i explored the pattern of the boots. "Well i could invite the guys for a guy night.Since they will be free."Jaden winked at Hannah.~What are those two planing?~a wondering look showed on my face as they both smirked at me.

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