I remember getting into the car with Carmen and us starting to drive home. But the next thing I know is that I'm in our bed. I must have fallen sleep on the ride home. I opened my eyes and looked around. Carmen is in bed next to me reading a book.

"Have a nice nap?" Carmen asked.

"Was all of that a dream?" I asked.

"Look at you ring finger." Carmen said with a smirk.

My left hand is under the blankets. I pull it out and looked at the new ring that is sitting there. Definitely not a dream.

"Did you still want to go to that party?" Carmen asked.

"Yea, what time is it?" I asked sitting up.

"Twenty after 8. You might want to get ready." Carmen said.

"Shower with me." I asked with a smirk.

Carmen silently followed me into the shower. Carmen and I never really have sex in the shower. Maybe once or twice but that's about it. I figure that we go into the shower to clean ourselves and get ready for the day, not fool around. That and once we get started its kind of hard to stop.

So Carmen and I got washed and went to get ready. I put on a black skater dress while Carmen put on black skinny jeans and her superman crop top. Makeup was put on along with doing our hair. When I was done I put on a pair of heals and walked to the kitchen.

Rylie is asleep on the couch and everything is quiet. I grabbed a water bottle and walked to Ali's room. I opened the door and looked into her room. Empty. Next I tried Laurens room. Empty as well.

"Babe where are Ali and Lauren?" I asked walking back to the living room.

"They left already, about an hour ago. Come on babe lets go." Carmen said. She put on my wristband and I put on hers.

Carmen grabbed her black leather jacket and we walked out the front door. Tony stood waiting for us looking more casual in a polo shirt and dark jeans. Carmen took my hand and we walked toward the frat house. We didn't live to far from it, about 5 minutes. Tony walked behind us.

You could hear music from down the block. This party is going to be insane. We arrive a few minutes later. There is security standing in front of the gates to the frat. We showed them our bracelets and they let us in.

"I'll be around call my cell if you need me and before you leave." Tony said to us.

"Sure we will." Carmen said and kissed his cheek.

Tony smiled and walked over to his friends. Tony is enrolled here and I think he is majoring in emergency management, that or business I'm not sure. All I know is that Tony's friends are just as built as he is.

Carmen and I made our way to the kitchen and saw Lauren and Ali. I stopped Carmen and pointed to them. Lauren has her arm wrapped around Ali's neck and they look like they are going to kiss. And they did. Lauren leaned in and kissed Ali full out. I was jumping up and down with joy finally seeing my two best friends get together.

When things started to get heated we made our way to them.

"FINALLY!" I yelled. They both pulled apart from one another and looked at me. Ali's face is as red as a tomato while Lauren buried her face in Ali's shoulder.

"Oh come on we kind of already knew something was going on between you two." Carmen said.

"Thanks" Ali said trying to get Lauren off her.

"We need a drink to celebrate!" I said.

I dragged the two lovebirds onto the kitchen and looked for some good liquor. I found an unopened bottle of Captain Morgan and I grabbed four shot glasses. I poured the shots and a water shot for Carmen and handed it to them.

"To a great night and the two lovebirds!" I said. We cheered and downed the shots. The thing I love about Captain Morgan is that it's sweet and doesn't burn as bad as other liquor.

After two more rounds we go our separate ways. Lauren and Ali went outside while Carmen and I went to the dance floor. How We Do by Rita Ora came on as I grinded into Carmen. The dance floor is in the common room of the frat house. All the couches are in the corner of the room so the dance floor is pretty big.

I really should have worn less makeup. I've sweat half of it off already and the night is still young.

"I'm going to get a drink do you want any thing?" I asked Carmen.

"I'm good." Carmen said. I gave her a quick peck and made my way through the mass of sweaty partygoers.

Finally I made it to the kitchen. This time it's more crowded then before. I got myself another shot of Captain Morgan and made my way toward the keg. One guy was waiting in front of me. When he turned around he looked me over.

This guy is practically eye fucking me. It's making me very uncomfortable.

"You want a beer?" He asked.

"Please" I said wanting to get back to Carmen. He picked up a cup and started to fill it.

Someone put their hand on my shoulder and I turned around.

"I'm sorry I thought you were my friend." Some guys said.

"It's okay." I said. He let go of my shoulder and I turned back around.

"Here's your beer, so what's your major?" He asked after I took the beer.

"Business" I said and took a sip.

"That's cool. So are you here with someone?" He asked.

"Yea my girlfriend." I said and downed about half of my beer.

"No way" He said.

Why didn't I just leave him and get back to Carmen? All he did was get me a beer.

"What?" I asked getting annoyed.

"There is no way your gay. You're way to hot to be a lesbian." He said.

"Thanks" I said finishing the last of the beer.

"You want another?" He asked.

"No I'm good." I said and turned around.

Something's off. My head is foggy. This shouldn't be happening after two shots and one beer. I looked up at the kitchen and everything is getting blurry. I tried to take a step and I felt a pair of hands catch me before I could fall.

These hands are rough, not soft like Carmens. Wait Carmen, I need to get to Carmen.

I felt myself being lifted off the ground and everything went black.

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