Its been 6 years since Katrina was in the 6th grade where she first felt real struggle in life. First love, First kiss, First heartbreak.

Kat left when she was 11 to new york to be a child model. Now that she is 17 she is one of the most famous young models in the business.  When she comes back to her hometown in Hawaii her world turns upside down.

Daniel Reid is 18 and an arrogant player he wasnt always like this but when he was younger he made his first mistake that caused him to be scarred for life. But when the only girl she truly loves comes back. His world was awaken.

When the two realize that they were taken back to the situation they were before this time Daniel will make the right choice.

What will Kat do now that she is back and more famous?

WIll they ever talk about their past?

Cause when the sparks comes back what will you do?

Katrina Clark: 17 year old famous hot sexy model since 11 years old. She comes back to hawaii from New York to finish her final year in high school. Although she never thought that she would ever cross paths with the one and only Daniel Reid.

Daniel Reid: 18 year old known at his school for the hot sex goddess and playboy. He was Heartbroken but no one knew why. And no one knew why he turned so cold since he was 12. But then the famous Katrina Clark make an appearance.

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