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Keira's point of view (she's 16)

"Good morning, sweetheart." I hear as my eyes flutter open. I look up to see my mother standing there.

" Good morning, mother." I say sitting up from my bed. it was made of nails. I've had some of my greatest nightmares on it.

"It's time for breakfast,darling"she said. I looked upon her. My father said I looked just like her as a teenager.

"Of course, mother" I said, hopping out of bed. I walked to my dresser as mother went to the dinning room. I pulled the drawer open. hmmmmmm? what should I wear? black, black, black,or black?

You know what? I'm feeling frisky today. Black, it's the best choice.

As I slip on my Mary Janes ( A.N. she is wearing a mature version of Wednesday's outfit) and head out the door.

I walk passed the library and the hallway of mirrors to Wednesday's room. I knock on the door, it anomalously opens. but, doesn't all the doors?

"Did you have a nice night, Wednesday?" I ask. This is the routine for us. mom wakes me up, I wake up my siblings.

"It was the worst night of my life" she said in her monotone voice. ahh, I taught her well.

"Good for you. Can you go wake up your brother, I've got to finish the dishes. It takes ages to get mothers lasagne off the plates. Who knows what the women puts in there." I say. Seriously, what in deaths name does she put in there?!?!

" why, of course, darling sister." She replies, giving me a smirk. Well I'll take what I can get. The girl never smiles, a smirk is all I can get. As she walks out the room, she grabs the.......ball, spikey thingy.......I don't know what it's called. Why did she grab it in the first pl-.....oh.

I giggle. My sister has the best deadly sense of humor. I sigh, this is going to be a long, hard, and dangerous morning.


Hey guys I know it's short but it's a filler and I've been really busy with family stuff soooooo yeah if there are any grammar/ spelling errors please comment about it. I really don't understand why authors don't want there readers to say stuff about the errors. I find it makes things easier. So thanks for reading!

P.s. There will be much more people popping up in the next chapter. Muuuuuccchh more!

Again thanks for reading here's a cookie 🍪 ( you have no idea how hard it was to find that emoji)

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