Percy has a brother and I have another Cousin.... Apparently

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Not so long after Percy had cleaned up the entire arena, the request being that of Dionysus, Percy was summoned to speak with Mr D. Grover was putting the worst thoughts in Percy's head, announcing to those around us, "Dead camper walking everyone, dead camper walking."

"Grover," I chastised, hitting his arm.

"I'm just playing," he said, "But normally you don't get called to the big house unless there had been a major-league screw up."

"I'm sure it's fine," Annabeth said, "I mean it's only Mr D. If Chiron had summoned then..." she trailed off as Chiron stood looking at us, amused; "You're so screwed," she said.

"Whatever it is, I didn't do it," tried Percy, as I giggled at his attempt at innocence.

"You're not in trouble, Percy," Chiron assured him, before going on to explain that while we all thought that Percy was the only heir of Poseidon, we were all in error.

Then we all started to interrogate Chiron about this half-brother of Percy's.

"Tyson is not half-human... he is half sea nymph," Chiron said.

I laughed shortly, "Yeah and next you'll be telling me that my dad had a kid with Orphne and they're half underworld nymph."

Chiron frowned at my statement so I stopped laughing, instead frantically looking round asking, "Wait, there's not is there?"

Chiron shook his head, before telling us to go to the dining pavilion and that Tyson would meet us there. 

Soon who plonked themselves down opposite me but a Cyclops of all things! 

 "Hi, sister," he said, smiling as he looked at me through his one eye.

"Hi... cousin," I replied, giving him a small smile and continuing to push my food around my plate.

"But I thought-" he looked confused.

"Daughter of Hades, buddy. You're Poseidon's, so we're cousins," I informed him sweetly.

"But children of the Big Three are so hard to find, we may as well be brother and sister," he said hopefully.

I chuckled at his childlike logic, but still agreed; "Yeah.... yeah I guess so."

He smiled, before turning to Percy and introducing himself. From next to me, I could see that Annabeth was tense. I nudged her and gave her a questioning glance, to which she replied with daggers being sent out of the corner of her eye and Tyson's way. I was still confused so she shook her head, implying that she would tell me later.

As we continued to eat though, there was a sudden uproar from the campers outside, and they came rushing in screaming, "Thalia's tree! Thalia's tree!"

I looked to Annabeth and Percy in fear, before standing up with the rest of the campers and sprinting to the scene. We all knew the story of Thalia's tree; years ago, when Annabeth and.... Castellan..... had come to camp, Thalia Grace had been with them. With a young Grover as their protector, it came as no surprise that he wasn't completely capable of protecting them from the monster that stumbled upon them outside the gate. As an act of self-sacrifice, Thalia had fended the monsters off herself to allow her friends to make it through the gate. Thalia was badly injured, but her father, Zeus, took pity on her for her bravery and preserved her in a tree. Reflecting her protection of her friends, the tree forms a barrier around camp to keep the monsters out. If the tree is dying, then the barrier will break.... which is bad news.... obviously.

We all dashed up Half Blood Hill to the tree, and found that the barrier's forcefield broke when Mr D touched it. Annabeth looked like she was about to cry as she picked up a fallen twig from the tree.

"It's like she's dying all over again," she sobbed into my shoulder as I shushed her.

Then there was a screaming from camp, and all our heads snapped to the rest of the campers running around wildly at the bottom of the hill and scattering across camp.

"What in Zeus' name?" I asked, quietly, but my question was soon answered.... unfortunately.

To my horror, I saw, chasing random campers, a Colchis bull thundering around the camp. There were screams coming from everywhere as the bull knocked down everything in its path. 

Everybody soon sprung to action though, as we unsheathed our weapons. The familiar whoosh sounded as I brushed my finger against my ring and my sword sprouted from it. I couldn't help but smile, satisfied, as we sprinted back down the hill, yelling, as we charged on the bull itself. 

I would say that swords clashed against metal... but I would be lying; it was extremely difficult to even near the bull, never mind get close enough to stab it. Its golden body glistened in the evening sun, but you couldn't exactly stop to admire the beauty of it when there was the world's most dangerous game of dodge-bull going on. Then the bull scared us to death; it breathed fire and set one of the weapon sheds alight.

"Since when did it do that?!" I demanded, screaming.

Annabeth just shrugged and carried on trying to make a plan in her head... being the daughter of Athena and all, it should have come easy... but it didn't.

I heard screams coming from the burning shed and rushed to help. As I neared it though, I found the strangest thing... a tape recorded. I cautiously picked it up, but almost dropped it when the screams emanated from it. I raised an eyebrow. Who would do this.

Suddenly, I felt a hand clamp over my mouth, and a strong arm lift me off my feet. My scream was muffled, but came through quietly, causing my attacker to shake me violently to shut me up. I was soon walked around the shed to where a portal stood, out of sight from everyone, as it shimmered. Then the hand was taken from my mouth, but before I could scream, I felt a strong blow to my head and my eyes fluttered shut.....

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