Iris Message

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(AN: Slight plot twist on my part, and it means that Ichneutae the satyr doesn't die :D)

Later on, I was sprawled out on my bed, listening to the waves outside. I was thinking of so many things- thinking of how I could escape, but, more importantly, how I could set Annabeth, Percy and Tyson free.

I knew I'd have to act fast, before Luke tortured them, or worse. I thought and thought and thought.

Wait a second. Why were they out here anyway? I knew that the fleece Luke had referred to was, in fact, the Golden Fleece that could heal almost anything, Thalia's tree included. I knew it was guarded by a cyclops called Polyphemus on an island and knew, from legends, that he ate satyrs, who, by the knowledge they learnt from Pan, were the only ones who knew the exact location of the fleece, aside from the island where it was located. But why was Percy here? Surely, given their reputations, Clarisse would have been chosen over him...

I had a feeling, in the pit of my stomach that, knowing Percy, Clarisse would have been chosen and he would have ran away from camp as usual to do one of the most dangerous things possible... as he tends to do!

So I had to contact Clarisse. But how?

We don't exactly use phones in the fear of attracting monsters and while on this ship, I couldn't really attract any more monsters, Clarisse was unlikely to want to attract any at all. So how else could I contact her?

A light bulb sparked in my head. Iris Message.

All I needed was mist, a light, and a golden drachma... all of which were unavailable.... or were they?

Mist. I could get that by puncturing a small hole in the side of the ship deep down on it. The speed that we're travelling at would probably cause the water to leak in a mist form as opposed to just water.

Light. A torch. I'm sure there was one somewhere, I just needed to steal one from Luke or one of his goons.

A golden drachma? Not so easy. I doubted anyone on the ship had them because we don't really need them on board here, so there was no chance of stealing one..... Annabeth! Annabeth was sure to have made the group of them stop by a demigod ATM machine before coming here- she'd have one!

I could puncture the boat down there too. Now all I needed was to steal a torch, and find out where they were being held captive....

If I knew Luke nearly as well as I unfortunately did, he was never one to leave things unseen to. He would probably have cameras installed everywhere, all the feeds sent to a room to allow the ship to be monitored at all times. Find that room, find Percy, probably find a goon along the way.

Sorted! Now all I need is the courage to actually get up and do that....

I took deep breaths for a second. It was one of those moments I could have sworn I had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other... come on! They're the only people I actually have to talk to!

"You need to help Percy," squeaked the angel one.

"Orrrr, you could just stay here and do nothing- far easier," suggested the devil one.

"But Percy needs you!" said Angel.

"But you could save yourself," said Devil.

I mentally flicked Devil of my shoulder. I need to help Percy.

I stood up, marching to the door. I need to help Percy. I need to help Percy. I need to help Percy!

I flung open the door to the corridors and stopped a second to find my bearings. I sighed deeply, closing my eyes, and wordlessly asked Dad to help me.

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