He's got another thing coming!

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As we neared a room with several of Luke's guards stood outside, I felt Luke wrap his arms tightly around my waist. I struggled against him, but he wouldn't have it.

"Stop squirming, or I kill them before you even say hello to them," he threatened.

I gulped and, although I was still tense, I stopped struggling in his hold.

I could have barfed when he rested his chin on my shoulder and guided me through the double doors, but, for the sake of my friends, I didn't.

Inside, I saw Percy, Annabeth and Tyson lined up. Tyson had two eyes now... which was a little strange, but there were more pressing matters at hand.

"Where's Grover?" I asked them.

Before they could reply, I felt a sharp slap across my cheek, and took deep breaths, trying to calm the pain.

"Case, how about you shut up and let the big boys talk, huh?" Luke suggested menacingly, rubbing his finger over my stinging cheek.

I stiffened against him but didn't reply.

"How about it, babe? Or would you rather see them get hurt next time?"

I shook my head vigorously and he smiled.

"Good girl."

I couldn't make eye contact with any of them, not with me in a state like this. I had heard Annabeth gasp when Luke had slapped me, and had felt Percy being held back, so I knew they cared, but I still couldn't look them in the eye.

"Yeah, where is Grover?" asked Percy.

"Well you see, we kinda need a satyr to get the fleece because they are the only ones who really know where it's hidden, so I thought I might as well take him.... plus it makes him bargaining material."

"Where is he now?" asked Annabeth.

"Oh the team have already gone out in search of the fleece, we're just on board here to monitor everything going on."

As Luke talked, he was rubbing his thumb across my belly, and I had to fight it not to squirm. I could practically hear smoke coming from Percy's ears as he had to watch his enemy stroking his cousin.

The conversation went on, but I wasn't really listening, because I was too conscious of every move Luke made. Eventually, I heard silence before-

"Take them to the cells!"

"What? No!" I protested, but Luke raised his hand for another slap.

"Don't you touch her!" Percy screamed as he was dragged away.

"Percy!" I yelled.

"Casey! I'll get you out! I promise!"

A tear ran down my cheek as the double doors shut, leaving the room in silence.

"No he won't," Luke said before pecking me on the cheek and leaving.

So then I was left in a different room, alone so I could cry to myself.

I was a mess. A complete mess. And it was all Luke's fault. If he ever thought I would love him again, he's got another thing coming to him!

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