Sentimental Conversations and Attacked by Two Sea Monsters.... Fun!

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I was sat on the deck of Clarisse's small ship, wrapped up in nothing but a towel and my thoughts as I watched the blue waves flow past us. Suddenly, I felt the metal I was sat on sink slightly as someone else sat down next to me.

"Penny for your thoughts, Thomas," Clarisse sighed.

"I dunno what's going on, Clarisse. When I was on that ship, I wanted nothing more than to be off it, but now I am, I want to be on it again, or to at least be around him.... I know it's insane-"

"It isn't," she said shortly.

"What?" I asked, wiping the beginning tears away.

"It isn't insane to want to be back with him, even if he is kinda evil..." she laughed, and I smiled gratefully.

"I mean," she continued, "Chris is a person, much like Luke, who was my first love, and he betrayed me to fight for the Titans. I want to be with him so much right now, but I know that if I had been with him, I'd want to be away from him..."

I sighed; "Wait.... Chris Rodriguez, Son of Hermes?"

Clarisse blushed, nodding.... wait! Clarisse blushed!

"Oh my Gods! You and Chris Rodriguez! No friggin' way!"

She nodded again and I nudge her playfully, laughing, so she punched me lightly in the arm.

We both laughed a bit.... it was moments like this that I was grateful... grateful that someone else at least had been through what I had.

"How do you cope?" I asked suddenly.


"How do you cope... not seeing him even though you really want to?"

"Erm, I dunno really..." she sighed deeply, "Erm...I guess I just hope I will... I mean there's that mortal saying, right "If you love something set it free"....."

""If it comes back, it's yours; if it doesn't, it never was"," I finished the saying for her.

She nodded.

"In a way, I guess Luke did come back for you," she said.

"And I screwed it up..." I realised, staring into space, "I screwed up the only chance I had at love just by being stupid and scared!"

"Hey!" Clarisse batted my hands that were frantically raking through my hair, "You are not, in any way, stupid! I think you'd give Athena a run for her money to be fair. You were captured, Casey. You were scared and mistrusting, that's natural. You had a right to be wary of his intentions, I mean look what he did to you. What was it, a year, before you acted like normal again after his betrayal?"

I nodded solemnly, remembering my pain.

"So yeah, just think of it like this... you allowing Luke to go after camp was you setting him free... him capturing you to be with you was like a practice that didn't matter... if you end up going to him of your own free will when given the choice, then it was meant to be... Does that make sense?"

I nodded, a grin forming on my face; "Clarisse... you have got to be the most sentimental child of Ares I have ever had the pleasure to meet," I said, truthfully.

She put a finger to her lips, joking, "Shhh though- don't let anyone else know!"

She winked and we both laughed, as we continued to stare at the water. Then....

The boat started lurching from side to side and I had to grab onto a railing to keep myself steady, my other hand clinging around Clarisse's wrist as she kept a firm grip on me too.

Water started sloshing over the sides of the boats by the gallon, and soon the water in the boat was ankle-deep.

"Get to Ichneutae!" Clarisse yelled to me, over the yells of the crew and the roars of the waves.

"What about you?" I screamed.

"I'll be fine! It's my boat so I better be fine!" she shouted back and I nodded, spotting Ichneutae over at the starboard side of the boat, and I clumsily scrambled over to him.

He saw me, and met me half-way, grabbing my forearms to keep us both upright.

"What's happening?!" I yelled.

"Scylla is attacking us!" he shouted over the storm.

Crap! Scylla is a sea monster who haunts the water and, if you get to close, she will not hesitate to eat you- ship and all.

Squinting at the water, I saw a massive creature perched on the rocks, shrieking. The creatures seemed to have six heads with menacingly sharp teeth, I could imagine, and looked positively horrid, especially in the raging storm around us.

My hair flew about randomly, whipping my face, and probably Ichneutae's as well, I imagined. My teeth chattered as the cold water vapour stung my face, and my knees could hardly keep me upright.

Watching the creature, it came as a horror when the heads started to move closer to us.

"She's moving!" yelled a zombie, as he paled water out of the boat frantically with a bucket.

"Then we need to move!" screamed Clarisse, stumbling towards the wheel in the captain's cabin.

"What are we gonna do?" I asked, mainly myself, but the wind must have carried it to Ichneutae, as he turned me to face him.

"Don't worry," he said, letting go of me, and turning to face Scylla, his arms open; "I got this!"

Then Scylla approached the boat and put all six of her heads above the water.

Ichneutae roared in what I assumed was meant to be an intimidating-satyr way, but then Scylla roared back, and all six of her mouths opened to show horrible, pointed teeth- rows upon rows of them (see external picture).

"No you don't got this!" I yelled, grabbing Ichneutae's arm and heaving him away from the side of the boat.

We both crashed into the opposite side though, when Clairsse started frantically turning the wheel away from Scylla. As we sped up, and we had turned away, we managed to make it out of her grasp, and the waves got calmer as we watched her slink back to her rocks.

I sighed in relief, my hair drenched, my dress clinging to me, my make-up still running down my face, and my shoes ruined. I looked at Ichneutae, and then to Clarisse (who had just stumbled out of the captain's cabin) and the three of us burst into laughter.

It was cut short though, as we felt the ship being dragged into another current. I gulped, then I remembered. We may have just escaped Scylla, but who was rumoured to reside opposite her? The whirlpool demon, Charybdis! Yay....

Suddenly, the current became stronger, whipping us round and round in a circle.

I screamed as I saw sharp teeth encircling our boat, and I realised, with a jolt, that we were being swallowed! I ran to Ichneutae and Clarisse as we all clung to each other.

We went round and round and down and down until we reached the point like at the top of a log flume, and we plummeted down, al of us screaming. We fell straight down, into the darkness....

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