My Escape

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I was just stood on deck, nervously watching the waves ripple against the side of the boat, and then felt two arms snake around my waist.

I gulped. Luke.

He cleared his throat before saying hesitantly, "I am sorry about everything that has happened to you, Casey I'm sorry I captured you, and I'm sorry I slapped you, and made you cry, and threatened you. I'm really so sorry and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. You see, Case, without you... I'm a broken man... I'm incomplete without you and I needed to keep you by my side so that I could be complete," he explained, and I gulped again.

I could feel my heart aching, and I tried my best to ignore it. Damn hormones! I refused to fall back in love with him. I vowed I wouldn't give him the satisfaction, yet here I was, my heart beating practically a thousand times a minute at his touch!

Clarisse would be here soon, but was I ready to leave Luke behind? Was I ready for him to be out of my life?

I sneaked a glance to the surface of the waters to our right, and noticed that I would have to be; Clarisse's ship was headed towards us, and although I was the only one who noticed it, I was sure Luke would put up a fight when he saw it, and I knew that it would be at that moment when I would have to leave him for good.

I had to get him off the deck, or else he'd see Clarisse, he'd call his men, and her crew would be overpowered and captured.

I turned around in his arms, gazing up at him.

"Luke?" I whispered.


"Could you teach me how to do a few more sword tricks?"

He frowned, "You'd use them to try and escape, so no."

"Luke, for the love of the Gods, I doubt I'd be any match for your goons, let alone in these heels! Just for old time's sake, Luke. Just so I can feel like you love me again..."

I knew I'd get him with that one... as cruel as it was, and as guilty as I felt.

He hesitated, but nodded.

"So could you go set it up?" I asked.

"Sure, come on," he held my hand and was about to lead me away, but I stopped him.

"I'm just gonna stay out here a bit longer- get some sea air... they say it's good for you!"

He frowned again, but then went to wrap his arms around me again, saying, "Then we'll stay out for a bit."

"No!" I declared, but composed myself when he frowned, suspicious; "I mean... you know me... you need to get me while I'm interested, or else I'll probably go back to moping..."

That was enough to sway him, and he nodded, heading back inside the ship to set up sword-training.

I sighed, fighting back the tears at my betrayal of him. I know, I know, karma. But even though he'd betrayed me, it didn't mean that I wanted to repay the favour!

I felt a tear trickled down my cheek as I looked back out to sea. Clarisse's ship was probably 100 metres away now and was accelerating. I would wave madly at them, but didn't want to attract attention.

I bit my lip, praying to all the Gods that they would hurry up. They seemed to be gaining, and I had my fingers crossed and my toes clenched.

I saw a familiar blonde head next to a brunette one and smiled- Ichneutae and Clarisse.

Clarisse pointed at me, and I could hear her yell something to the crew. They were so close now, I could even sense Ichneutae's worried stare on me.

Soon, they sailed right up by the side of the boat... why none of Luke's crew had come out yet to test them I had no idea!

"Casey!" Clarisse whisper-yelled.


"Get on!"

I lifted my leg up, about to transfer boats, when I heard the door onto deck open. Then who came out but Luke himself.

"Case, everything's ready-" he started, but stopped when he saw me.

His face contorted in a glare, and he roared, "NO!" before running at me.

"Casey, come on!" Ichneutae commanded, grabbing my arm and hauling me aboard.

"GO!" Clarisse screamed at her crew, and the zombies began frantically trying to escape the Princess Andromeda.

"NO!" I felt a hand wrapped round my wrist.

"Let go, Luke," I pleaded.

"Case, please, don't leave," he pleaded back, tears streaming down his face.

I never thought I'd see the sight of Luke Castellan begging and grovelling to me. It broke my heart.

"You have to let go, Luke. Please, let go."


"Yes!" Clarisse and Ichneutae screamed, Clarisse karate-chopping his hold on my wrist, forcing him to let go, as Ichneutae pulled me to him as I screamed into his shoulder, tears running down my face as I cried and sobbed and banged my hands against his shoulders, as he held me.

"Shhh," he said, softly seeing as he was the fiercest satyr at camp.

With that, we left the Princess Andromeda behind, and I left Luke, still hearing his fading yells of my name.

The tears still poured as we left... I was leaving the only man who had ever loved me, and I was starting to regret it, crazy as it sounds....

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