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Anna’s POV

I felt mortified that I had actually asked Reece to stay with me tonight, but was too thrilled with the prospect of having his body lying next to mine again that I just couldn’t bring myself to take it back.

As I got ready for bed I took extra care shaving and primping, not that I thought anything would happen, but because I was excited and wanted him to want to hold me close…to want to be near me…to want me…

Making my way to the bed I gripped the cream colored comforter and sheets pulling them back when I heard the doorbell chime throughout the house.  Scrunching my brows I checked the time on my alarm clock noting that it was 11:03pm and huffed out a breath of annoyance.

Rushing to the door I heard Reece pull it open stopping when I heard a soft feminine voice I didn’t recognize.  Making my way down the stairs as quietly as I could I peeked through the rails and noticed a petite woman with black hair cut in a short pixie style and dressed in an outfit that screamed designer label. 

While my mind was busy processing all of this and trying to figure out who she was she moved closer to Reece wrapping her arms around his neck and dragging his face to hers in what appeared to be a passionate kiss.

I felt my heart plummet somewhere around my feet and was shocked to feel the warmth of my tears coursing down my face.

Stupid. I was so fucking stupid to think he actually cared.

I continued to watch as Reece gripped her waist and felt my heart fracture into a million jagged pieces.  Turning my back on them I made my way back upstairs and closed my door locking it behind me. 

There was no way he was coming in here tonight. Or any night for that matter. 

Crawling into bed I pulled the covers over my body…my body that seemed to be freezing over, hardening into a slab of ice with no prospects of thawing anytime soon.

Curling into the fetal position I held myself repeating what seems to have become my mantra since Eva’s death, ‘Just suck it up Anna,’ adding in the random, ‘You should have seen this coming,’ and ‘It was too good to have actually been real,’ speeches.

I heard knocking at my door and Reece’s muffled voice carrying threw it calling my name and asking if I was okay before they became more frantic and he began demanding I open up.

Hugging myself tighter I burrowed my face in my pillow to absorb my tears and silence my sobs. He would not hear me cry…he would not have the pleasure of ever knowing these tears were because of him.

I began drifting in between reality and sleep, too upset and drained to even work up any dread or apprehension over the nightmares I knew would dominate my dreams tonight.  Too hurt to think beyond the way she molded to his body and in the process shattered my whole being.

‘Anna, why won’t you listen to me? Why do you keep ignoring me?’ I heard Eva rasp out.

I felt a cold hand pass through my chest and couldn’t suppress the gasp that escaped me…so cold… I couldn’t breathe past the aching cold invading my chest, seeping into every corner every crevice of my soul.

‘I never meant for it to come to this Anna, but it needs to end. I need revenge. You wouldn’t just let your sister’s death un-avenged would you? What happened to the sister who would do anything for me, who was loyal and fierce? You’ve become weak and worthless and I’m growing impatient,’ she hissed and seemed to rip at my insides with claw-like fingers, razor sharp and merciless.

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