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Anna's POV

I could feel the sweat coating the handle of the gun in my hands, as more trickled down the sides of my face and back. My heart was racing out of control as I heard a creak on the steps, and gave myself a mental pep talk.

Right as I tightened my finger on the trigger I saw a puff of blonde hair.

My heart rate began to calm down as I checked my gun to make sure the safety was on before placing in the waistband of my pants.

"Debbie! What the hell!" I screamed at her still trying to figure out why she was sneaking up on me.

As her face came into view I saw a sheepish smile on her face as she raised her hands as if in surrender. "I'm sorry! But I wanted to surprise you! Should've known that wouldn't work," she muttered at the end with a slightly disgruntled look on her face.

"You do realize that sneaking up on someone who has a licensed gun isn't the best idea, right?" I could see her face pale a bit as she took in the meaning of my words and her gaze flickered down resting on the butt of my gun that was sticking out of my pants.

"Oh...right," she mumbled, looking extremely uneasy, "point taken."

"So what was so important that you thought I needed to be 'surprised'," I asked slightly curious.

"Haha...right, the surprise. You can come up now guys!" She called down the stairs adding to my complete and utter confusion. What the hell was going on? I could hear a couple pairs of feet trampling up my stairs and was a little freaked out.

Suddenly a face that I hadn't seen in years came into view along with another immediately after.

"Anna Banana!!!!" Derek, Debbie's older brother called out. Crap, I forgot about that stupid nickname...

He came at me full force scooping me up into a huge bear hug, shortly followed by Liam his best friend and co-conspirator.

While growing up these two had been the closest thing I had to older brothers, and they were also a huge pain in my ass and super over protective. Still I had missed them like crazy! They had started college shortly after Eva's funeral, which had made losing her ten times harder since they were part of my support system.

Being the great guys that they are they had offered to postpone college for a year to help me through everything, but I refused to let them put their lives on hold because of me.

Right now it felt great to be in their arms again...even if they were crushing me. After a few minutes of being crushed I finally managed to stutter out, "C-c-can't b-breathe guys!"

"Oh shit! Sorry Anna Banana," Derek said looking slightly sheepish.

That immediately made me scowl at him. "Stop calling me that!"

"Awwww, is Anna Banana grumpy?" Liam cooed at me making a pouty face, and I lunged at him only to have Derek hold me back which further enraged me. I stomped on Derek's foot causing him to let go and advanced on Liam with an evil smirk plastered on my face.

"Now Anna, you know you don't want to hurt me," Liam said backing away and giving me his best puppy dog face that made him even cuter than he already was. Both of these boys were actually too cute for their own good. They were about the same height at about 6'2", average weight with plenty of muscle, though Derek was a bit bulkier.

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