2. Insecurities✔

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Tequila's POV

"I.. what?" I gape and he shoos his men away, leaving him and I standing together.

"What's your name?"

"I. .I'm Tequila."

"Oh, my name's whiskey." He raises an eyebrow and I sigh.

"It's true." I persist and he eyes me.

"What a strange name. . . for a strange woman." He circles me.

"Are you trying to seem intimidating?" I scoff and he stops, his face stone cold. "B-because it's working."

"Like I said I need you to be my wife."

"Why? I mean. . . you don't know me, I don't know you. You're handsome, I look like a frog. They'll be no connection no lo-"

"You seem to dwell on my looks a lot Tequila." The way my name rolls on his tongue. dang. "And trust me, we will keep love out of it. To others, it's a marriage, but to us, it's just a business proposal."

"Business?" I say even more confused.

"Yes. You get to keep your life and I get a wife."

"I.. I don't think I'm comfortable with that." I murmur.

"Do you want to keep your life?"

"Of course I do. but. why can't you just let me go? I won't say anything."

"The words from your mouth aren't really a guarantee." He shrugs and I bite my lip.

"But. I. you can make a contract!"

"I don't do contracts." He most likely lies.

"I'm not ready for marriage!" I exclaim suddenly and he sighs. "I'm twenty-two! I have a life. Please I -"

"I'll bring your puppy here if you want. But you'll never see your apartment or anything you know again."


"No. ." Here come the tears. "So I won't have anything? Please don't do this to me. I promise on my life! I won't tell anyone. This never happened-"

"Enough," He says sternly and I hiccup. "Yes or no?"

"Don't you have a heart?" I whisper, looking up at him and I thought I saw his gaze soften until his next words.

"You can't have a heart in this business."

× × ×

"Now that you've agreed, let me lead you to Adrian."

"Why?" I ask confused.

"So she can get you settled." He stops outside a white door. "Then she'll bring you to my office and we'll discuss further." I only nod and he stares at me for one more second before leaving. I open the door and a curvy woman stands in front of me.

"Did you just enter without permission?" She shrieks and my eyes widen. "Have more respect! Get out!"


"Out!" She screeches and I slam the door shut slightly frightened.

"Now knock!" She yells and I bring my hand up, slowly knocking. "You may come in." She says in a calmer voice and I step in.

"What do you want?" She tilts her head sitting crossed legged on her bedroom couch. Her black hair was in a perfect bun, not a strand in sight, and when she sat, not an even a roll dared to show on her body.

"Um. . . the boss. . . sent me in here." I still haven't learned his name. Can. You. Believe. It?

"The boss? Oh, you mean Ace?" She sniggers then her eyes widen. "Why did he send you here?"

I bite my lip, remembering what just happened and she clenches her jaw. "I'm his fiancé." Was I supposed to say that already? Or no?

"No!" She screams suddenly standing and barging past me. Dazed, I watch as she pushes into an office looking door so I follow her, curiously, the door still open. I catch some of her words, and I can't help the frown that etched onto my face.

"Ace? How could you?! It was supposed to be me! Me! Look at her. She's so fat and insecure, her hair looks like a science experiment gone wrong and would you look at her height? Oh, wait. She doesn't have any!" She sniggers on and on about my insecurities and I just stand there taking it all up, will it not to bother me.

"Shut. Up!" Ace suddenly roars rising to his full height and her eyes clog with fear. "Who do you think you are? Barging into my office, I think you should rethink your status Adrian or else you and I will be having problems and as for my fiancé if you so much as utter, another word about her I will remove your voice box myself. Do I make myself clear?!" He yells at her and she looks as if she was going to pee herself right there.

"Y-yes." She stutters.

"Now get out of my sight!" He finishes off and she scurries away, scowling at me.

He mumbles something before motioning to me to come in.

I walk in warily and his eyes never leave mine as I shut the door.

"Have a seat."

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