Chapter 30

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"Damn! I almost didn't remember you.."

"Wow harsh..but"

"Yeah sure.."

"So How are you??..You haven't texted me awhile.."

"Sorry..some problems.."

"Oi! Don't tell me about you returning to your high school days.."

"Nahh..i stopped drinking you rascal!"

"Go on..curse's good for your health.."

"Hahaha! Dummy.."

"I still remember the time that you were adopted by my mom's friend.."

"Yeah..i was ugly though.."

"I hated you at first but we became bestfriends.."

"Yah! SOYEON! WHERE ARE YOU?! - Sehun"

"Ugh..bye kookieluvs..let's meet again next time!"


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