Dinner and the Guests

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Rayna's P.O.V

He had downed at least eight beers I could smell the scent of alcohol oozing from him . He had me by my neck and slammed my head against the door catching my attention. His green eyes red from the prior drinks. I realized he had said something . Gulping down my fear I spoke making sure not to stutter "I apologize Mr.Artegío I was thinking of what to cook for you and your wife seeing as you returned home. " I said faking as much of a smile as I could with his hand around my neck choking me . When I had gotten home the house was empty, I had taken that time to quickly make the house spotless and begin prepping for dinner on an attempt to soften the blow. He lets me go but not before slapping me hard enough to bruise and telling me to hurry up , that he'll be back by 6 with company. I watch him get in his car and leave then I quickly get to the kitchen and think about what I should cook. I decide on a simple but filling meal of spaghetti so I can quickly make it and lock myself in my room and hope him,his wife nor their guest need anything from me for the rest of the day. About an hour and a half has passed and the meals almost ready. I get a text from my father  telling me to get ready because he has important guest coming over and they may need to meet me .  Why would they need to meet me? I sigh and hurry up taking a shower . Once Im done I get dressed in a loose black floral dress that reaches right above my knee and apply just enough concealer to cover any stray bruises on all visible parts of my body. I decide to go down stairs and put the garlic bread in the oven a little earlier. While I'm putting the garlic bread In the oven I hear a car door close. I check the time 17:30 it reads in bold green letters . I sprint to the window to get a peek out side to see if My adoptive family is back . Thankfully they're not. But A certain someone across the street catches my eye. Mr. Finn? I think to myself as I look at the familiar black car parked across the street in my neighbors drive way. As Im looking at his car across the street the one thing  I didn't notice was he's currently standing on my front porch . "Shit." I curse silently pressing myself against the wall hoping he hadn't seen me . Knock knock. My confused and rampaging thoughts were interrupted by a knocking on the door. I hurriedly open the door and am greeted face to face... or rather face to chest with none other than Mr.Alois Finn . I look at him slightly confused and worried. Why is he here? Is this A house call? Johnathan is going to kill me if he sees him! . "Why are you here." I ask him he chuckles a bit looking surprised ." Nice to see you too Ms.Artegio.'' I roll my eyes slightly closing the door more. "What do you need." I ask him how did he even get my address. " Well.." he starts " Im here for a dinner party with an associate of my fathers and his fami-." You have GOT to be kidding me .I scream internally " Oh so you're his daughter?" he says thoughtfully.'Nah I'm just the maid who came here to cook and clean ' Is what I wanted to say but I didn't though it would've been awfully accurate . Instead I simply reply " Come in ." Before opening the door so he could come In. I could feel the cold air coming in and realize I never heard the door close. I turn around and see him staring at me . Part of me wanted to blush but I was more so afraid because does that mean Alois knows? I rub  my hands together warming them. "Make yourself at home." I say nervously pulling him in the house and closing the door. I notice he's standing against the door seeming to be in deep thought. "So are you gonna sit down or?..." I say with confusion etched on my face "Are you sure this is okay?" he asks with a worried expression . Huh?  "What do you mean?" I ask him about to say something else before he interrupts me . " Just me being here ? I'm not sure if its because I'm your teacher but you seem uncomfortable with me here.  I can le-." I quickly interrupt him. " You're here for my father as one of his guests, not me so stop worrying ." I say before making him sit down . Besides if he's here as A  guest for my father he would literally murder me if he left because of me. I sigh as I go back into the kitchen . About 15 minutes has passed and Alois is in the living room laughing about something on family guy when I hear the sound of the front door shutting and multiple voices following. Suddenly all laughter has been diminished and my father and his guest are in the dining room. I fix everyones plates while they talk about things I wasn't really listening to.  I was straightening up the mess in the kitchen when suddenly I felt a weight on my chest . Like someone was trying to cut off my breathing but no one was there . Trying not to panic as I cling to the kitchen counter for support. After a minute or two of me struggling to move or breath Jonathan calls me into the dining room asking me about the food. All the feelings I just felt had deceased. I looked down feeling pain in my leg , I take a look at it  and my inner thigh had a small glow to it before fading away . " What the hell?" I whisper confused " RAYNA!" he shouted bringing me back to reality . I quickly pull myself together and bring everyone there plates sitting it in front of them receiving some 'Thank you's.' and 'Looks Great' as replies. The dinner droned on as I ate minimal only speaking when I was asked a question or spoken to. I make my way to the kitchen to start cleaning up the mess made as a result of the dinner and am almost finished when Jonathan walks into the kitchen punching me in the stomach and covering my mouth so I cant  make any noise. I wince and hold in a whimper before he does it again making a few tears drip from my eyes. He leans down and whispers." Next time come when called, Now I'm going to leave and this place better be spotless when I return or there will be hell to pay. Understand?" I nod wiping my eyes and go back to silently cleaning when Alois walks in the kitchen frantically looking around until his eyes land on mine, he visibly relaxes before he sees Jonathan standing next to me .  My father grips my shoulder making it seem as though he was helping me up. " Becareful Rayna . Gosh you're just as clumsy as Ever." he chuckles "Are you alright Rayna?'' Alois asks, I wanted to scream at him ' no I'm not please come save me !' but Johnathans death grip on my shoulder served as A  reminder of why It'd be best to not do that. Instead I smiled, " Im okay Mr.Finn." Johnathan brushes off my shoulder lightly before smiling at Al, " Did you need something Mr.Finn?" He asks, and An emotion that I cant decipher flashes in Alois's eyes before he composes himself sticking his hands in his pockets before telling my father he'll be taking his leave and telling me he'll see me tomorrow . Jonathan looked at me confused but quickly masking it telling Al he'll walk him out. A few minutes pass before pushing me against the wall by my shirt by my father who's glaring at me.  " What does he mean by See you. Tomorrow." He almost growls out his grip on me getting tighter and tighter with each word . I tremble trying to escape his grip " He's my teacher it's nothing.  " instantly I regret it as he throws me against the floor punching me over and over again . Im not sure why that set him Off but maybe this time he'll actually kill me . I think to myself, Ive started to lose consciousness when suddenly I hear the door slam open.

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