Part One: Chapter One

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"We got a code 303 here. I️ repeat, a code 303. Locking West exit now, sir. Over."

Doors were busted opened, guns cocked, boots marched. Swears were muttered in dozens of foreign tongues, all complaining about the deep blanket of white surrounding the building.

Somewhere inside the lab, a young girl was running for her life.

Her feet had socks, her legs bare, nothing but a hospital gown and a thin cardigan on. The girl was a short, tiny child of about eleven. Her hair was ratty and matted, having not been brushed properly in weeks.

Out from her nose was a small trail of blood, skimming the corner of her mouth.

Her breathing was heavy, like an old engine struggling to start in desert-hot weather.

"I️ have eyes-"

The girl turned her head quickly to the side. The soldier fell, the heavy clunk of his weapon scrapping on the floor. He was limp. Gone. Dead. Out of her way. Not able to hurt her.

She turned the corner, feeling the cold wind from outside. It was always cold in Siberia, but to her she felt like she was on another planet. Where was she? Why was the lab surrounded by nothing?

The doors- big, metallic doors- began to close. They beeped loudly, flashing red. The girl wasn't going to make it in time. She wasn't fast enough. She couldn't breathe. She was too tired.

But stopping wasn't an option. Not at this point- after all the damage she had caused the lab.

"How far has it spread?"

"Flames have reached the north stairwell. The gas appears to be toxic. We're shutting down the entire North Side."

"Lock down the entire building except for South. Evacuate all personnel and surround the building."

She could hear the radios through the walls, practically feel their frequencies. She had to move quickly- once the gas and flames meet the entire building will be a goner. At least she hoped it would.

Her mind was like a series of strong, invisible arms. She could pull this over here, push that over there. Crush this. Break that. Hurt this. Find that.

However, the arms were weak now. She needed to open the door.

With her hands on her knees, her breaths came in and out of her like a series of freight trains trudging through thick snow. It was laboring, not only from running, but from expending her energy with her powers. From the gas.

Boots marched behind her, echoing closer and closer. The young girl whipped her head around. She could practically feel them coming. I️t wouldn't be long until she was thrown into confinement for this- long hours in a small room in the dark. The room was circular, the walls padded. Her body was restricted with jackets and ties.

Then the doctor would come- most likely with him.

More glowing blue liquid. More electricity. She wouldn't be able to control it anymore.

Fear is what fueled her, bursting the West door open- denting the metal as it blew from the hinges. The force weighed down on her puny shoulders, pressure creeped into her temples. Unsteadily she trudged on, her forehead pebbles with sweat. Crimson hugged her nostrils.

The raw wind hit the girl with brute force. She stumbled forward, her socks immediately soaked through with snow. Her feet were numb. Ice clung to fabric stiff on her feet in large chunks.

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