Talking In Your Sleep

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Malia hadn't mentioned anything to Stiles or anyone really_ about what she heard Stiles say.
She played it off cool and things seemed normal. Until...
"Does no one see the irony of us being students who don't think about school." Lydia asked.
"If you haven't noticed, we've been kind of busy." Malia said sarcastically.
Kira chuckled softly and Scott smiled.
"Yeah...but we should should still pretend to have a life and graduate!"
Lydia said. Stiles touched her arm.
"Don't worry, Lydia. I think it's a good idea." Stiles said sympathetically.
"Hmm." Malia hummed with a smirk.
"Let's be supportive. Today in Psych class, we...learned that sleep talking is a manifestation of the subconscious' deepest desire." Scott said. Now Malia was interested. She understood sleep talking and Deepest desires but needed help with the rest.
She didn't want to seem dumb in front of everyone,
so she sent Scott a text.
Malia: What does subconscious and manifestation mean?
Scott smiled and messaged back.
It's revealing what's in the darkest part of your mind.
Scott explained as simplest as he could. Malia smiled because she understood it and mouthed 'Thank you.' Scott nodded and they tried to pay attention to what Stiles learned in school.
Kira came from Lacrosse practice to find Malia rummaging through her cupboards.
"Welcome back, Kira."
Mrs Yukimura said casually.
"Thanks, mom. Is that__"
"Malia. Yes." Mr Yukimura said.
"I can hear you." Malia said opening a can of fruit with her claws.
"We should just adopt her."
Noshiko said sarcastically.
"I'll take her." Kira said and held Malia's hand.
Leading her to her room.
"Yo." Malia said as she drank the juice.
"Hi. What are you doing here? Not that I mind but, is anything wrong?" Kira asked.
"Nothing serious. Just my boyfriend secretly wants Lydia." Malia said.
"...What? Are you being paranoid again?" Kira sighed as he removed her gear and shirt.
"I have proof this time. Last night, I heard him call Lydia's name in his sleep." Malia explained.
"So?" Kira asked confused.
"So...Remember what Scott said about sleep talking? He wants her." Malia said stressed. She lay sideways on Kira's bed. "What to do?"
"Talking always helps." Kira said.
"Like he's actually going to admit to wanting her." Malia said.
"Right...So get more evidence without making it obvious that you're investigating him." Kira said.
"Sneaky. I like it." Malia smiled.
"What can I say? You're a bad influence on me." Kira joked and gently tugged her curls.
"It's what I do. do we do this?"

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