Chapter 29

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Livi's Pov:

"Please MArry Me. I want to be your lover, Your beholder, Your provider for our children. I want to be able to hold you and kiss you without making you seem umcoftable. I know I just met you but, It seems like years. Be Mrs. Olivia Taylor." Drew says looking me dead in the eyes.

I smile and nod. "Ok, Yes. I'll M-marry you." I said. Drew jumps up and hugs me. I blush and kiss him. Drew kisses back. "Come one lets go and get the engagement ring!" He says. I laugh as we run through the street Rushing to get to Kays.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I wake up in Drew's room. Drew is holding me closely to him even though he is sleep. I blush and sit up.

Hmmmmm. I stand up out of bed and walk downstairs. I glance at the wall clock.

8:30 A.M.

Maybe I could cook breastfest. I pulled out eggs, Bread, Milk, Etc. I start with making some pancakes, then has browns, then toast, then some scramble eggs.

I hear foot steps. I see Drew walking down the stairs. He has on a Black T-Shirt with some boxers. I continue cooking. Drew grabs me by the waist and kiss my neck. I giggle. "Morning Beautiful." He says. I blush and reply.

"Morning creepy."

Drew chuckles and keep holding me by the waist. The radio turns on.


Song: A Thousand Years Christina Perri


Drew rocks with me back and forth. I smile as his hand moves to my stomach. He rubs my stomach softly. I blush and lay my hand on his.

Drew turns me around and leans to my face. He kisses me sweetly. I blush crazily and kiss him back. Drew pulls me closer by my waist. Drew pulls away and looks at me. I bite my lip.

Drew smiles. "What are you cooking?" He asks. I giggle. "Food. What else?" I tease. Drew smirks and walks to the stove.

"Are you sure thats food?" He asks. I roll my eyes and put the 2 plates on the table.

We sit down and start eating. This time Drew is sitting right next to me. "Ok I take back the bad food. This is amazing!" Drew says. I burst out laughing. Drew looks at me while slowly eating his pancake.

"Tú eres una niña loca." Drew says.


Spanish for NS: Drew said "You are one crazy girl."


I roll my eyes. "Whatever big head." I say. Drew gasps dramaticly.

"My head is not that big!" He says. I gigle and nod. "Si, its very grande." I say. Drew pouts. Alll he is so hot when he pouts.

"Awwwww Awww quieren un beso?" I asks. Drew nods.


Spanish for NS: Livi said "Awwwww want a kiss?"


We lean in and give eachother a 3 minute kiss. I pull away and put our plates in the dishwasher.

Theres a knock at the door. I walk to the door and open it. I see Somi, Dede, Mel, and Teri New-new.

"We have been looking for you! We wanted to apologize. And thank you for helping us." Somi says. I shrugged.

"Your forgiven and your welcome. I don't really care anymore." I said and started to close the door.

"Kiesha is making us leave South Dakota." Mel blurts out. I gasp and looks at Drew. He looks at me with a sad puppy eyes.

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