Chapter 3: lattè and Swiss rolls

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Matt bomer as Damien ^^^

Audrey's p.o.v :

"Bdrr brrrrrd brrrrddd" I blew in my lattè through the straw making bubbling sounds while walking towards my locker.

"Ughhh stop it Audrey!" Amy said slapping my forehead.

"Hey! Who told you to go clubbing at college night, not my fault" I said and carried on blowing air in my lattè.

"Staaaaph" Amy said louder pushing my face away and I huffed annoyed but stopped blowing air into my lattè.

Why do people drink alcohol and stuff, it's so gross and it makes you feel funny. I mean it would be reasonable of it tasted good like apple juice but it tastes so gross and burns your throat. I tried it once and I'd rather not try it again. I mean people should go out have nice pinacolodas, rainbow swirl drinks, berry juice, apple juice, gingerbread lattè and oh-oh my favorite chai lattè like these ar-

"WHAT THE FUCK!" someone shouted pulling me out of my train of thoughts.

Ah oh.

Standing in front of me was none other than my school bully Braxton with my lattè all over his light blue tee which said 'i am not gay'. He's gay.

Stupid Audrey Stupid. Keeps on zoning out, look what you did now. You wrote your own death sentence!

"You little bitch...." and I sprinted out of his way.

I didn't look where I was going I just kept on running as fast as I could. I could hear the thumping of shoes behind me which meant he was hot on my tail.

Ah ha!

Locker guy!!!

There he was. Locker guy. Still don't know his name but he's my friend, I think.

He was standing with four other guys, all looked to be having a silent conversation .... which is gonna be ruined by me in 3, 2, 1

"Save me locker guy!! You look really strong beat him up!" I said rushing my words and hid behind the locker guy.

"I am going to take the...." Damien was cut short by someone crashing into him from behind while he was explaining his friends about the tactics he was going to use to beat his opponent tonight.

Damien clenched his jaw. His temper flaring up but when he saw who it was somehow his temper went down and he was rather confused.

It was the stupid girl who wouldn't get off his mind lately.

"Save me locker guy!! You look really strong, beat him up!" She said while panting, trying to catch her breath while pointing at a guy who was running after her.

Locker guy. Seriously. She doesn't know my name. Damien thought a bit surprised but got over it thinking that she was after all stupid.

"Oh you are so dead Audrey!" He shouted taking a step towards her.

For some reason Damien moved more in front of the stupid girl, shielding her as if on instinct.

Yet again Damien surprised himself by doing this.

"Look, man, I got no beef with you it's that little bitch I want, she spilled her fucking drink on me!" He said outraged.

It was now that Damien noticed the big brown Lattè stain on the guy's tee that said 'I am not gay'.

Totally gay. Damien thought.

'Of course, she did' were Damien's thoughts

"But it was an accident! I didn't do it on purpose! , I am sorry okay!" Audrey said out loud peeking from behind Damien.

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