Chapter 7

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When classes ended instead of going on my skateboard home, I walked. I just wanted a change. So I walked and walked. I considered stopping at Pete's house but decided not to. When I got home I went upstairs and started cleaning my room again, for when Gwen would come over.

Should I really tell her about Spider-Man? Or just...... No I already told her I made a new friend. End of Story.

I did some of the HISE homework, tapping my pen against the desk waiting for Gwen to come over. Jeez she's taking a long time. I look over at my digital clock sitting on my bedside table. 15 minutes later. Wow. Ok, time to call Gwen.

"Hey Gwen."

"Hey Lee, don't worry I'm coming over. I'll be there in 5-10 minutes just stuck on traffic."

"Ok bye." and I hanged up.

5-10 minutes later. Knock, Knock,Knock.

I ran down the stairs, down our narrow hallway and opened the door. There stood Gwen.

"Hi, how are you?" I asked.

"Good, you?"

"Great, come on in, my parents aren't back from work yet."

Gwen came in and we made our way to my room. I sat on my desk chair while she sat on my bed. We were socially awkward for a little while.

" you have." she said, breaking the silence.


"Soooooo......." Gwen drawled out.

"Well I have a new friend."

"Who is it? Is it a boy? Is he cute?" She pestered me with questions straight away.

"Ok um yes, it's a boy, I don't know if he is cute cause it's Spiderman. So I can't exactly see his face."

Her mouth was gaping like a fish.


"Yes, the man in blue spandex. My gosh Gwen."

"Wow, this is just, I don't know what to say." She continued "Are you going to tell Peter?"

I stared at her thoughtfully.

Should I tell Peter. We don't really talk much, I guess I'm closer friends with Gwen than I am with Peter. Despite my crush on him I'm not sure it's best.

"No not yet anyway. Maybe when I get to know him more. I told you because I needed to tell someone and if I told my parents they might think I've had a drug or something. Not the best idea."

"Well I'm glad you trust me." She said.

Ring ring, ring ring. Gwen pulled her phone out of her bag and checked the caller ID. She didn't say who it was.

"Uh I gotta go, I will see you tomorrow at school."

"Sure." I said smiling at her.

We hugged and then she left locking the door behind her.


Gwen's p.o.v

Peter is my best friend, and when he started acting quiet a few days ago I knew something was up. He's becoming closer friends with Liana. I don't know how I didn't see it.

Peter always came to me when he was hurt or wanted help with something, he gave me more attention. and I guess I'm kinda jealous of Liana.

I went back to my house being greeted by my family, missing the presence of my father who would make me hot co co. He died helping peter to defend the city from the Lizard.

Peter and I used to date, but my father have Peter a warning, to leave me out of it. Peter obeyed my fathers dying last wish breaking up with me but still wanting to be friends. I guess he isn't interested in me anymore.

Peter was the one who called me at Liana's house earlier saying he needs stitches in his shoulder blade. I quickly went to my room to attend him and pretend that I didn't know that he was starting to like Liana more than what he should.

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