Chapter 2

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I woke up on Monday getting ready for school.

I go to Midtown Science High School as well as my music institute.


I slammed my arm on the clock shutting it up and scrambled out of bed.

In half an hour (6:30am) I had already gotten dressed, had Breaky, washed teeth, brushed hair and got my bag ready for school.

I started playing piano.

The notes flew off my fingers flawlessly. It was filled with all the emotion I felt on Friday. Then I remembered, I told Spidey I was going to write a song for him.

Well.... lets get this party started.

8:00am I left my house and started getting to school on my skateboard. I swerved and jumped and made my way to school on record time as always.

Gotta love skateboards. Their easy, cheap, affordable and you don't have to pay for extra's such as insurance or petrol.

Class starts.

There was 4 rows of tables and chairs in the classroom. I of course sat in the 2nd row. I didn't want to seem like the school nerd even though I still packed up my things slowly always asking for EXTRA work.

We all got our test back for Science, biology.

"Ok our top student in class this year is...... oh, we have a tie. These students in our class have surpassed the grade entirely." Our teacher said.

My bet it was Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker.

Gwen Stacy works at Oscorp of course she would be the top and Peter well everyone knows his parents were good in the Science department. So naturally their son- Peter was a know it all. Very Smart.

"They are Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and...and wow, Liana Nightshade." He said.

I looked down at my test paper, I really did well, I tied with Parker and Stacy. YES

I HAVE A BRAIN!!!!!!!!.

I smiled so big that lesson.

At the end of the lesson I packed up slowly as usual, but my usual routine was blocked by Parker.

"Hi Liana, I just wanted to say congratulations on the test. You must have studied hard." he told me.

" Yeah, but you know the more effort you put in the more you get back in the end." I replied.

"I'll see you later." Peter said.


I went up to the teacher and he just handed me papers with a clip on them. He sooooo new that I wanted extra homework.

Gwen was waiting outside of the classroom for me which was.... interesting.

"Hi Gwen, are you waiting for somebody?" I asked.

"Yeah, you" she said.

"Oh ok. Um where are you next Period?"

"Music with everyone else....." she replied.

So we both made our way to the music room. This class was my master class. It was as easy as breathing for me. Gwen, Peter and I sat together.

For people like Gwen and Parker, music was... crap.

"Sir, I made this song using 3 different scales and a harmony I made myself." I told him.

"Could you play it for the class?" He asked.

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