Chapter 3

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I went inside and got started on helping mum make dinner.

"Hey mum, I'm home." I said as I hung my jacket by the door slipping shoes off.

"Hey honey, I'm in the kitchen come on in."

I went into the kitchen and we started cooking.

"Liana what happened the other day, you didn't have your bag, your phone was broken and it looked like you tripped." She said.

I kept silent. She didn't need to know. I thought she didn't notice. Damn I should have asked Spidey to check if I looked normal.

"Are you going to answer me?" She asked.

She was met with silence. Again.

"Ok well, when your ready tell me. But don't think I won't question you later. I know you Liana. Your my only daughter and I love you. More than you know." She said.

I nodded. Then I decided to tell a tiny, small, very small white lie.

"Mum nothing happened, I left my bag at work, I tripped over and obviously hurt myself. You know how co-ordinated I am. It's a dream how I got a B grade in PE. (Physical education)." I said.

"I don't believe you, but I'll let it go.... Just this once."

I nodded.

"Now I think your father is home."

"Hello Mrs Nightshade, and birdie. How are my girls?" Dad said happily.

My dad was a very cheerful person, always bubbly and happy. He also named me birdie, maybe cause I talk a lot. He also teases mum about being a Nightshade because she wasn't sure if she wanted to take after his name but you know dad was pretty convincing.

"Great Bear, Liana did well in a Science Biology, it seems her work has paid off finally." Mum said.

How did mum know? I didn't even tell her. Oh maybe the school rang her or my teacher did. Nether less I smiled at mum and dad. Oh by the way mum calls dad bear sometimes, it's a nickname.

"You did, well Birdie I am very proud of you well done!" Dad said. The smallest of things impressed my dad. He hugged me very tight.

Sometimes because of my loving family I feel like a 10 year old instead of a teenager. Hahahahahahahahah funny though isn't it.

Today I feel more happy than a bird eating fries.

We had dinner, and went to bed. Well I actually went to my bedroom and did the extra work I got from my biology class.

Doing biology made me think, I had theories on theories on things, it took me a while and thank goodness there was such thing as google.

After a while I got sick of it and went to the piano. I pulled out Spider-man's Theme and listened to what I wrote. The piano was quite loud so I put the piano on soft with the middle pedal.

There needed a few changes, it didn't seem right. I wanted it perfect. Maybe if I meet spiderman again I can convince him to listen to it and see what he thinks of it. It would be wonderful to have his approval.

My feelings toward this spider guy as was really confusing. 1 minute I think the guy is an arse and the next my hero in spandex.

Do I like Spiderman? Is he good? What does he think of my music?

I don't know if I like Spiderman, Yes he is good but an arse in the sense that he is kind of arrogant and for my music, he can like it or he can be crushed like a bug.

Make your choice Spidey!

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