Chapter 4

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When I woke up, my head was on the piano and papers everywhere.

My back really hurts, I should have went to bed. I looked at my music sheets. Turns out I finished Spider-Man's Theme.

I checked the time on my watch.

Crap. I have to go to the institute.

I pulled all my papers together, grabbing my metronome and other things shoving them in my new music bag.

I slid the bag over myself and ran to the bathroom watching every one of my steps to make sure I don't trip. I pulled my chocolate brown hair into a messy bun and brushed teeth.

I ran down the stairs, left a note to mum which said

Hey mum

I went to the institute. I needed to show Mr slavatski something and show my mentor. Gotta go.


Love Lee.

I didn't bother getting anything for breakfast. As I was making my way to the door I was blocked by a figure.

"Hi Lee."

I looked up.


"Hi, I'd love to NOT talk to you right now cause I'm kind of late to school. So if you'd just excuse me." I said as I tried to side step him.

"No, come on. Talk to me." he said.

"Look, I'm really in a rush. I'm tired, my back hurts and I need to get to class. Don't you understand." I asked.

"Yeah I go to school that doesn't mean I need to be there perfectly on time." He said.

"Wait, you go to school?" I asked.

"Maybe, I can't answer that." he said.

"Alright then. Well I love school, maybe you don't but I do so I am going to leave,that means you too. If you need to talk to me, talk to me on the way to my institute."

"Fine, fine." he said.

And this is how it came to Spiderman casually walking down my street with me to the institute. We passed Peter's house. I thought of stopping.

"Hey do you know anybody that lives there?" Spiderman asked me.

"Yeah, one of my closest friends, he's a boy, named Peter Parker."

"Oh did you know he takes my pictures and sends them to the daily Bugle." He said

"No I had no idea, he didn't tell me. I bet he told Gwen though" I said out loud by accident.

"Whose Gwen?" spiderman asked.

"A friend of mine and Pete's." I said.

"Pete? Seriously" Spiderman said.

"What it's his nickname. Just like mine is Lee. My parents have nicknames for each other. Its funny." I said.

"Hmm" Spiderman said.

"Do you like Peter?" Spiderman asked.

"Of course I do he's my friend I already told you."

"No I mean, like-like, like a crush." He asked.

"Look. I like Peter a lot. Probably more than a friend but I can't look at him like that because he likes someone else. He likes Gwen. I can see it in their eyes. Its nice, I'm happy for them, their my friends but it does hurt a bit. Friendship is the only thing I can give."I said.

"Well were here." Spiderman said as we were outside my institute.

"Yeah, hey wanna come over to my place I wanna show you my song." I said Grinning.

"Sure, what time?"

"Um maybe 8:30pm tonight? If its not too much trouble." I asked

"I'll be there, it's no problem." he said.

"Thanks, I just wanted to say Sorry also." I told him.

"Why?" He asked confused.

"Because I told my friends you had the ego size of Antarctica. It was really mean. Pete had a sad, pale kind of face. I didn't know you two were friends." I said

"It's alright. I forgive you. I'll be there tonight."

I hugged him. I whispered thank you to him.

I ran to the institute. I made it on time.

As always.

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