Chapter 6

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Last night I had the best sleep ever.

I got up played piano and went to school. I rode my skateboard happily. I passed Peter's house and went to his door.

I stood in front of it. Do I knock or tap?

What in the name of The Lord is happening to me?

I knocked on the door and a woman opened it. I smiled. This must be Aunt May, the woman who cared for Peter.

"Hello, you must be Liana. Peter has told me so much about you, come in, come in." May said.

I smiled.

"Would you like something to drink or eat. Your so skinny." She said.

"Oh no thank you, May. But thank you for offering." I said.

"Please call me Aunt May, Peter's friends are always welcome. He doesn't bring friends, Gwen has passed a few times but no one else."

Oh I thought.

"Is Peter home or did he beat me already." I asked

"No he is in his bedroom, can you go wake him up, I made pancakes. I have some for you too." She said smiling at me.

"Um Aunt May, I don't think it's a good idea for me to wake Peter." I said.

"Oh nonsense. Go on up. First room to the left dear." She said.

I walked up the stairs and turned first room to the left.

I knocked softly. Knock knock knock.

There was no reply.

I opened the door and Peter was lying on his back facing up with just shorts on. No shirt. I gasped slightly. He had one arm above his head and another lying across his stomach. He looked good.

"Peter, Peter. We have school." I whispered.

No movement.

"Peter, get up, your Aunt made pancakes." I said slightly louder.

I walked over to him. I sat on the edge of his bed.

"Peter, come on wake up." I moved his arm slightly.

He shuffled a bit.

"Peter I'm going to commit self suicide!" I said more than a whisper.

He shot out of bed.

"Liana, why are you in my room?" He asked.

" I'm here because I wanted to ride with you to school but you were still asleep, so your aunt told me to wake you up. She made pancakes. Now get dressed." I said.

I walked out of his room avoiding his eye, and shut the door behind me to give him privacy. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Aunt May can I help you with anything?"

"No dear, just sit down, I'll have pancakes for you and Peter soon. Is he awake now?" She asked

"Yes." I laughed slightly.

She came to the table behind the kitchen and served me pancakes.

"How many do you want dear?"

"Just 1 please." I said.

"Ok, I'll give you 2 how about that." She said.

Ok just ignore my comment. Well she did think I was skinny.

She put two pancakes in my plate. I smiled gratefully at her. "Thank you." I said.

"Your welcome dear." She said.

I waited for Peter and Aunt May to come to the table to eat with me too.

"Oh dear you could have started to eat without us." She said.

Peter looked at me expectantly.

"In my family we are told that all people must be at the table to eat, if one wants to leave they have to say 'excuse me' and nobody gets off the table until everyone has finished eating." I said. I suddenly found my jeans interesting.

"Oh, I didn't know that. Well we all learn something everyday, don't we Peter?" She said smiling.

"Yep." He said smiling.

We finished the pancakes and just like my home we waited until everyone was finished.

I picked up my plate, knife, fork and napkin and made my way to the kitchen sink. I started to clean my dishes when Aunt May came to me.

"Dear thank you, it's alright. Go with Peter to school." She said smiling at me.

"No it's ok, I can clean the dishes, it's the least I can do." I said politely.

"No you will be late for school. Peter take Liana with you." She said.

Peter came and we rode our skateboards to school.

"Can you do any tricks yet?" I asked him.

"Like...?" He said.

"On the skateboard."

He started picking up speed and did some turns and flicks. It looked really cool.

"What about you?" He asked me.

" Nothing yet. I'm kinda busy. Don't forget to give Gwen and I the photo's you took in of us in class. You promised us copies."

He didn't reply.

We started making our way into the school grounds. I couldn't help but think of my friends and that maybe I should tell Gwen and Peter about Spiderman. Maybe I should tell just Gwen. I don't know what I should do. I sighed.

I saw Gwen on the school grounds and greeted her. Peter went off to who knows where. We made our way to our lockers. What do I need for today.

My boring subjects.

"Hey have you noticed a change in Peter, he's more quiet actually no he's more.... reserved?" Gwen asked me.

"No I haven't. I have been busy. I made a new friend." I said.


"Come over to my place later and we can talk about him."

She nodded at me and we went our separate ways to class.

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