Chapter VII.II Pandora's box: Bacchanalia

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Be Advised: this is a new adult fiction book and contains sensitive/adult-oriented content, (particularly in this chapter.)

When the trio landed they found themselves deep in a golden wheat field. Their vision was inundated with the sweet rhythm of the dancing grass. Cornelia loved wheat fields it reminded her of the vigiles and robbers game that she played with her siblings as a young child. She smiled wistfully at the memory. Yet, As peaceful as that moment was, it only lasted a moment.

Rising out of the distance were the sounds of screaming, destruction, moaning, and malicious laughter. The daylight sky was filled with thick black and terrifying smoke. Hades' and Cornelia's lungs burned from the acidic smoke, they covered their faces in a futile attempt to block the gas.

"What is going on?" She demanded through fits of coughing.

"They got out." Was all Hades said and stormed towards the town. "When I find Apollo..."

Cornelia ran up behind him. "You'll what glow him to death? If he's in there he's getting all the punishment he deserves. Let's just get him out."

They emerged from the field and Hades froze. His vision assaulted with an array of naked people in compromising positions.

"What on ...?" Hades said trailing off into a shocked silence.

Cornelia laughed. "Oh-boy, looks like Bacchanalia has come to Athens." She continued laughing as multiple bodies squirmed and twisted together. In a pulsing bare pile of sweaty flesh.

Hades spun towards her "Baccha-what?"

She shrugged and rolled her eyes stepping over an amorous male couple. "It's a cult holiday that has grown in popularity in Rome. It's a celebration of Bacchus the god of wine."

Hades sidestepped two naked men screaming and battling each other with what looked like kitchenware. Their faces contorted in visceral rage. "What about that is that part of Bacc-whatever that holiday was?"

Cornelia shrugged. "Well like I said its a celebration of the god of wine. Wine makes people do ridiculous things."

Hades strode next to Hercules who was frozen in shock as he stared at a man in the midst of consuming an entire roasted pig on his own. His body was covered in spiced intestines and pork juice. The pig was nearly hollow on the inside and the man was actively rotating between vomiting and eating. His face filled with grim determination and wild hunger wholly focused on his task. A barrel of wine by his side that he chugged actively between each barbaric bite.

"And that?" Hades said pointing to the disgusting mess before them.

"Okay," she admitted. "That one is a bit weird. We love our food but..." She trailed off horrified by the almost undead enthusiasm this man had towards his meal.

A loud crash sounded peeling their attention away from the grotesque sight. A group of teenagers threw massive boulders at a storefront and stormed inside. They emerged moments later their arms filled with various pots and containers. The group moved chaotically as a group from store to store grabbing belongings they could not even carry. Draping themselves with herbs, spices, jewels, and random articles of clothing. They kept chanting "more" as they moved throughout the street.

"Okay, that part is also a bit more extreme, than normal," Cornelia admitted sheepishly.

A man ran up to Hercules and started kissing and licking him. His hands searching for his drawstring on his pants. Hercules froze his eyes wide hands in the air unsure of how to react.

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