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"Come on, Anna. One more push." Lowell said as he was holding her hand. Anna groaned as she pushed once more and a baby cried. "There you go, babe. You're done now. Both babies are out." Anna had a boy and a girl. Isabelle Grace and Alexander Christian. They were both really big babies but Isabelle seemed to be a little bit bigger than Alexander to Cordelia.

After they were cleaned up and wrapped in blankets that were made by an elder, Cordelia was handed Alexander. He was alert and wide eyed while Isabelle just slept away. "Hey there, little bud." Cordelia said and lightly touched his cheek with her finger. He made a little noise.

Anna had Isabelle and was lightly rocking her. "I love babies." Cordelia said out loud. Anna nodded. "When are you and Pierce going to have some?" Anna asked as Lowell grabbed Isabelle from her and set her in the bassinet. "Well about that." Cordelia chuckled. Anna looked up at her. "Are you pregnant?" She asked. Cordelia nodded. "I think I am."

Alexander started to cry. "Hey there. What's wrong?" Cordelia asked and lightly rocked him. He started to calm down. "Did you just want attention?" Cordelia giggled. Alexander yawned and started to fall asleep. "Okay. Into your bassinet you go." Cordelia said and set him in it.

"What do you think you are?" Anna asked. Cordelia sat back down. "To be honest, I haven't thought about it since Pierce and I mated. But I kind of feel like I am. I honestly had weird food cravings and I gained a couple pounds. Earlier today before Lowell called, Genevieve and I felt something move in my stomach before I started to believe I am."

Anna clapped her hands. "So I'm going to be an aunt!" She giggled. The phone started to ring and Lowell picked it up. "Hello?" Lowell asked. He paused for a moment then looked at Cordelia. "It's for you." He said and handed the phone to her. She took it and put it to her ear. "Hello?"

"I'm coming home." Pierce's voice called through the phone. "Wait what? I thought your meeting was for three days." Cordelia said confused. "Well I got there and we got through a lot of things before I called home and asked if everything was okay and Genevieve told me you were pregnant and that you were back at home with Anna. I'm going to leave in a few minutes."

Cordelia rolled her eyes even though he couldn't see it. "No, no. Worry about your meeting. I'm fine. Come home when you need to come home. It's not like I'm dying or anything." Cordelia said. Pierce huffed. "Fine." He sighed. "Don't do anything until I get home. I want you to lounge out on the couch and do nothing."

Cordelia giggled. "No thanks, sir. I am gonna do what I want." Cordelia said. Pierce sighed. "Just be careful, then. I gotta go. Love you." He told her. she mumbled a love you back and hung up the phone.

She handed Lowell back the phone. "So. I'm guessing he's not too thrilled he found out his mate's pregnant while he's away?" Lowell smirked as he set down the phone. Cordelia shrugged. "He'll be fine. He's just being overprotective." Cordelia said.

Cordelia rubbed her stomach unconsciously. Now thinking of it, the clothes she had back at her new home were getting kind of tight in the last few days. She must've been eating more than she realized. But now for the last almost three weeks, she has been eating for two or three people, depending on how many kids she's growing inside. But she couldn't be getting a baby bump in just three weeks, could she, she thought. Granted she knew that werewolf pregnancies went a lot quicker than human pregnancies. They only lasted about 3-6 months depending on how many kids. So by three weeks, hormones could be changing and it just be her eating a lot more and it be fat.

"I wonder how many kids you're going to have." Anna said aloud. Cordelia shrugged. "Not sure. Back a few days ago, Pierce told me he had a dream of me having triplet boys. So maybe he's psychic and that's what I'm going to have." Cordelia giggled. "He told me he was terrified if I did have three boys." Cordelia got up and stretched. "Do you need help with anything?" Cordelia asked Anna.

Anna thought for a second and shook her head no. "No. I don't think so. Are you gonna head out?" She asked Cordelia. Cordelia nodded. "Ya. Gotta see if Brian needs help or anything."

Anna furrowed her eyebrows. "Why would he?" She asked. "Well Pierce is out of town. And so technically I'm 'in charge' but since I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to be doing as in charge, Brian is doing a lot of that since he's beta and he knows what the hell to do. But I'm luna and apparently I have quite a lot of authority in the pack while Pierce would be out on business."

Anna nodded. "Well. I'll see you soon?" She asked. Cordelia nodded. "Of course." Cordelia said and leaned over Anna's bed and gave her a light hug. "I'll see ya'll later." She said after letting go and left.

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