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Luna by charmed2gether
Lunaby Sydney
Their whole world flipped when they met. He became kinder and she learned to stand up for herself more. The only thing to make them that way was each other. Over a mont...
Some Space In Your Heart by Niqaabi_Sister
Some Space In Your Heartby Jannat
"She left because he couldn't reach on time, if he would've came, she would be in my arms, alive." "For saving her life, he left but lost his own life. If...
Mending His Heart. by Being_Elegant
Mending His Azzy_Writes
"I don't have anything to offer you. Please leave me," he cried, not meeting her eyes. "No," she begged in desperation, holding his hand in hers...
Just A Roommate by FrantasticFanfics
Just A Roommateby .
" you guys are just roommates?" "Yup, just roommates. Nothing more. Nothing less."
For No Reason | h.s  by vashappeninceline_
For No Reason | h.s by vashappeninceline_
What we had was amazing but he just left me for no reason. No reason but just for fame. 01/01/2019 - 15/09/2019 ( i sometimes edit soooooo don't judge)
Make You Feel My Love(Third Story of my Hiro X Reader) by Ariel_Triton
Make You Feel My Love(Third Shaeleigh {shay-lee}
book 3 of my hiro x reader read The geek and the nerd first, then Many Hearts XD
Cameron Dallas' Little Sister by FrantasticFanfics
Cameron Dallas' Little Sisterby .
Jennifer is THE Cameron Dallas' little sister. Shes a pretty shy girl, unlike her brother. But once you get past her layer of shyness, you get to know the real her. She...
if i can't have you - s.m. by ihoranghaesvt
if i can't have you - ihoranghaesvt
My life is as overwhelming as any celebrity. My dad as Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man, my best friends are from Marvel and The Vampire Diaries, singer, part time model...
Mended- Sequel to Broken Hearted by marilynmartini
Mended- Sequel to Broken Heartedby Marilyn Martini
Is there such a thing as a second chance to your first true love? Cameron is back, and he's just as heartbroken as ever. After the tragedy of Stacey, Cam has fallen into...
blessing by Meerab_T
blessingby merab tufail
poetry someone very close to my soul. I can never be able to love hate or thanks I simply respect that person from core of my heart💕
Mended Hearts by Anna_B_Cole
Mended Heartsby Anna Cole
A girl who is searching for love. Another who is just trying to get through today. And another, whose life will alter the courses of them all. Life is harder than...
daddy kink. by skamcrimes
daddy moli.
you got a fetish for my love.
A Love That Was by Anna_B_Cole
A Love That Wasby Anna Cole
[Highest Rank: 114 in Contemporary] Their lives were intwined in ways few knew about. Their love so strong, not even death could separate them. Theirs was an epic...
My Poems *Completed Jan. 2013* by rhonda_lynn
My Poems *Completed Jan. 2013*by Rhonda
This is all of my poems... poems for school, out of boredom, or just because I'm having one of those days. Hope you guys enjoy them!! :D
The Pot Market by AngelPhoenixWOF
The Pot Marketby AngelPhoenix
Anything can be used as a metaphor, even a few simple clay pots.
Confused. by kriistinxoxo
#17 RainbowDinosaur
Cassie knows how confused she is. Yet, she had no one to talk to. Her one and only best friend, Cole, was never an option for her to talk with, about this. This. It ha...
The Girl on the Sidelines by blueraindrops
The Girl on the Sidelinesby Jade
And when the game is done and we’re left alone You leave me again and drive her home And you even waved goodbye To the girl who’s still waiting on the sidelines.
#3 #TiashaSays❤ ~ By Tia by TheTrickyT
#3 #TiashaSays❤ ~ By Tiaby ❤Tia Wins❤
Highest Book Rank #3 in learn All what Tia's got to say to the world... Based on my personal experiences and of others... Hope y'all enjoy reading❤ Thank You !!! ❤Tia❤
Suicide Hotline: Ashton Irwin by ShinySparkleShip17
Suicide Hotline: Ashton Irwinby ShinySparkleShip17
Grayson Myers is suicidal. That is why her parents decided to send her to the suicide hotline rehab center. But, out of all of the therapist, and doctors, and teachers...