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Reaching his first year as a vampire, having been bitten by Molochai, a ruthless drifter. Micah is alone in this world after leaving his family behind, the only choice he could make after they tried to have him committed, not believing he's been bitten by a vampire.

Micah has the looks of a bad boy plus the hot boy next door, and when his fangs come out, he's especially irresistible. It took Micah a long time to come to terms and accept his new vampire nature. He has to eat tho; he doesn't like to kill his victims. Instead he drains them to a point of near death, sometimes taking their blood essence, sometimes draining their bodies' energy levels. A well read young man before being turned, Micah learned all he could about vampires and the supernatural.

Had a crush on the school's hottest girls Sophie and Brenna, but they never knew he existed. Now, in death, he realizes he will never find someone to love him, truly love him as a vampire. Micah has wants and needs just like every other 18 year old guy, except now, as a vampire, he has a larger penis, higher sexual tolerance, and devastating sexual allure. He glamours with his stile, (staring while smiling), but keeps to himself. He longs for companionship.

As fate would have it, one night he hears the sounds of a rape attempt, and saves the young woman. Something about her stirs something deep inside of him, and he becomes drawn to this child of the night. Micah finds himself in pursuit of happiness with the sullen, sarcastic Midajah.

Being a witch's daughter is not easy. Midajah 's mother is a creole voodoo witch who fell in love with her father, a suave Dominican man who came to New Orleans as a refugee. They lived happily together in New Orleans for some years, until Midajah's father was murdered in front of her. Broken, Midajah and her mother move to Lafayette, Louisiana.

Midajah's mother opens an eccentric shop, Dark Eden, where she helps people in need with her magic, becoming the modern day witch through Midajah's knowledge of technology. Midajah works days in her mother's shop, and works nights as a bartender in downtown Lafayette.

Midajah has night terrors, horrible, realistic dreams of seeing her father getting killed in front of her, over and over. Midajah smokes a lot, both marijuana and Camel cigarettes. She likes to drink, and finds herself at home in the Gothic bar she works in, despite being a light skinned black. She loves to wear funeral garb, but shows off her ample cleavage hidden under fishnets every chance she gets.

Midajah understands life. She believes in fairies and all things unnatural. Her mother longs to train her to become a witch, but Midajah doesn't want to. She's sarcastic. She's a rebel. She's  chillin' like a villain. She absolutely hates fuck boys, and longs to find someone who will love her for being herself.

Midajah meets Micah that fateful night after almost being raped. Secretly attracted to this handsome young monster, Midajah finds herself in an exciting new world with Micah.

This book is dedicated to my dear S.M.S.M and C.M.B.
May we all know such bliss....

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