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Midajah woke up with a smile on her face. She couldn't believe she had slept with a vampire; she touched the fresh set of bite marks on her neck and smiled. Midajah thought of Micah then, and wondered if he felt anything; surely a vampire as hot as he was could've had any girl he wanted, but he chose her.

It was a busy morning as usual for Midajah and her mother, checking and restocking inventory, setting out treat bags for any youngsters. Márie loved Fall and Halloween, and wanted to make sure she gave every patron a memento of the season. Midajah helped her mother package little chocolates, pumpkin seeds, and a special mini bottle of oil, candle, and incense in the cutest little bags she had ever seen. "Mom, these are great!", she said, smiling.

Márie sensed there was a difference in her daughter. She looked at Midajah and said, "There's a change in you...you smell different, you even smile different.. My Goddess, you're glowing!" Midajah was stunned. Did her mother know she slept with Micah?

Márie wasn't a fool. "What time did you get in last night? You know, I'm not sure I like you going to that old abandoned warehouse...how does Micah stand it there?", she asked. Midajah smiled at the sound of Micah's name, then said, "He's all alone up there...his family has abandoned him! Mom, he's really a great guy, even if he's a vampire! He's sooo nice and cute, and...and..." Midajah could gush about Micah for days.

Márie heard the love in her daughter's voice. She herself had fell in love with a vampire before, and even if that hadn't worked out for her, maybe things would be different now for her daughter. Márie figured under a watchful, helpful eye she might be able to help the young lovers, although she didn't exactly know how old Micah was, or how long he had been a vampire. She wanted to get to know him better, and the ultimate idea came over her.

"Midajah, I know you have strong feelings for Micah, and I know how tumultuous a relationship with a vampire can be. Plus, I know what its like to have family who shuns you; Micah shouldn't have to live alone in that decrepit old building! How would it be if we ordered him a place here, with us? He can live in the basement!", offered Márie. "For real, Mom?", exclaimed Midajah. Her mother nodded her head. "Thank you, Momma!", she exclaimed, hugging her mother. "You haven't called me 'momma' in a long time!", said Márie, glad to see her daughter so happy.

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