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    Micah slathered on some sunscreen, and zipped up his heavy hoodie. He added a pair of Aviator sunshades, then took a deep breath before venturing outside. It was daylight, but he had made a promise to himself that he would do anything to be near Midajah, even if that meant going out into the sun. He liked Midajah, and seriously wished that she was the answer to his prayers. Micah was tired of being alone.

    Micah set out from his hideyhole in the abandoned warehouse at the old bus graveyard and used his super speed to get him to the corner of Vermilion Street, where Midajah and her mother lived and ran a shop, Dark Eden. Midajah was busy inside, taking inventory while her mother was working in the kitchen preparing a batch of homemade chocolates. Micah entered the shop, and the tantalizing aroma of the chocolate made his mouth water. Micah used to love chocolate as a mortal, but now, he could only reminisce about the things he loved about it.

     When Midajah had heard the cluster of jingling bells announce she had a customer, she hadn't expected to see Micah standing there. He was wearing a hoodie and sunshades, but Midajah could still see how cute Micah was. "Micah! What are you doing here? It's light out!", exclaimed Midajah. Micah took off his sunshades and smiled at her, touched when she grabbed his arm and ushered him into the back of the shop. "Thanks! I just thought I'd come over a little early....you know...to protect you!", he said. Midajah felt her heart get full, but quickly reserved herself. "Well, thanks, I guess! But seriously dude, you don't have to catch on fire to come see me!", she said. Part of her brain said, shut up! At least he's showing he'd risk his life for you! Midajah thanked him again, this time taking his hand. "Come on!, she said, leading him. "I'm taking a break, mom!", she yelled, then quickly disappeared with Micah before her mother could spot him.

    Midajah pulled Micah into her dark, cold bedroom, and Micah felt at home. "Wow!", he exclaimed, looking around at everything. "I love your room! It's so dark!" Midajah was glad to hear that, and plopped herself down on her bed, patting the spot next to her. "Sit down", she said, and Micah obeyed, sitting down and marveling at the comfort. Micah leaned back onto Midajah's bed, and smiled at her as she began to roll a joint. "It's time for my smoke break....you mind?", she asked as she lit it up and hit it. Micah sat back up, smiling. "No, not at all...say, you mind if I have some?", he asked. Midajah was surprised, then passed the joint to him.

    Micah took a close look at the pink joint. "What is this?", he asked, laughing. Midajah noticed his handsome features and almost died a little. Micah was so cute. He hit the joint and Midajah asked, "So you can smoke? That's so cool...so what else can you do?" Micah exhaled a cloud of smoke and gave Midajah a sexy look. "There's a lot of things I can still do, only better!", he replied, matter-of-factly. Midajah smirked, blushing. Oh, how wicked that sounded! "Oh really?", she replied, taking the joint back from him.

    Micah liked the flirtatious behavior going on between them, and began to relax a bit, taking off his hoodie. Micah wore a sleeveless t-shirt, and Midajah couldn't help but stare at his sinewy arms. Vampire boy is hot, she thought to herself. All kinds of naughty thoughts came to mind as Midajah watched Micah closely as he took the joint from her again. His pale skin made Midajah want to drink him like milk.

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