Chapter 11

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A/N: Now that the intro has been established, it's time to move onto the...not so entertaining part in a noble's life of politics, meetings, married life, guessed it...affairs?

I hibernate for two days before waking. It seems almost surreal that Morgan let me rest. I pay Master a visit and he acts as if nothing has changed and gives me a new order. Except everything has.

Sitting in the rose garden across the doll-like figure, I pour more rose tea for her. She closes her eyes as she faces the morning sun, enjoying the warmth. In the light, her ash gray eyelashes almost shine white like the glistening snow that I have only seen at the Border from afar. At the Border, a wide and eternally flowing ice river divides the land between us vampires and the human-liking wolves. We are to stay away from there, but I recall my father bringing me there once as a child. It is common to throw corpses into the river because they flow down the stream, completely dematerializing. I couldn't help but memorize the beautiful scene of white that laid before me upon my intended one way visit.

"Evie, I'm very glad you're here." Alvena calls me this ever since she moved into the castle. I am slowly learning to respond to this name but it is not easy to pick up.

"Why?" Most of the times, I do not know what she is thinking.

"I have a friend to talk to," she answers sweetly.

"Alvena, I am your personal maid, not your friend," I correct. She is strange, but she seems too dull to know.

"Evie, why do you think Master placed you beside me?" When I do not speak, she half giggles and imitates after Master's odd orders, "Answer truthfully."

How can we not? We serve them. So I do as commanded.

"The other maids say Master places a Disabled as your personal maid to humiliate you."

Instead of being offended, she laughs. "Evie, I tell you to answer truthfully." I did and my brows furrow in confusion. "Why do you think the master has you serve me?" she asks.

"Master places a Disabled to serve you even though there are plenty of competent maids to choose from. I can think of no other reason why on my own," I reply. But if Master really did wish so, everything that happened at the Hunter's Moon ceremony was unnecessary.

"I think," the pretty human clears her throat, "the Master is thoughtful."

"How so?"

"Well, you look at me differently from the other maids. For one, your eyes," she pauses before adding, "don't make me feel inferior or snack material."

"I will not eat you, Alvena."

"And your Master knows, so choosing you beside me is a wise choice." She gives me a wink. "Plus, you would eat anyone else who tries."

"I would." I'm not sure if "eat" is the right word, but if she wanted that, I would. Serving Alvena is my duty. Though Master is not married to her, she is officially his mistress so I've heard from the other maids. The Hunter Moon ceremony was to welcome her.

Alvena smiles at me and I can't help but look. She's so tiny even for a human, but so alluring.

"Well, either way, I'm happy," she sighs out as she gets up from her seat. After fixing the wrinkles in her dress, Alvena slips her hand around my arm. "Master Alek has invited me to lunch with his friends." She seems excited thinking about it. "And you get your chance to see Lord Perrot," she adds with another one-eyed blink.

I nod and follow her in to the dining hall. We are the first to arrive.

"Evie, where should I sit?" Alvena whispers to me while greeting London and Adrian with a shy dip of the head. Morwenna is apparently taking a break to rest. "This seat?" she points to the chair on the left side of the main chair.

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