Chapter 44: "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing"

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"Up next, would you please welcome to the stage for her first ever live appearance...Meena," Buster announced.

The audience cheered, but Meena didn't come out.

"Meena?" Buster called, put his hand on the mic, then asked Eddie, "Is she coming out?"

Eddie shrugged then Buster went to get Meena, who was wearing a purple dress with white polka dots on the elbow-length sleeves and white flats.

"Meena, what's wrong? Are you okay?" he asked.

"Uh, I can't move. I'm-- I'm terrified," she answered.

The audience clapped on the beat, indicating they were ready for Meena to come out and perform.

"Give me your hand, kid," Buster requested.

She obeyed and he got her to the wings while the others gave her any encouragement they could give her.

"Okay, deep breaths. Deep breaths. And remember what I told you. You will not feel afraid anymore if you just start singing," Buster told her as she went on the stage.

"Meena! Meena!" everyone cheered.

"I can do it...okay," she whispered until she knocked into the mic stand and it landed on one of the audience members, knocking him out, and she quickly apologized, "Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry. Um..."

The others were a little nervous for her, but Mike just laughed and walked off.

"Uh, okay. Uh...Uh..." Meena stuttered.

"Sing," Buster told her.

"Okay," she whispered then sang "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" by Stevie Wonder.

"Everybody's got a thing
But some don't know how to handle it
Always reaching out in vain
Just taking the things not worth having"

As she sang, everyone smiled at how beautiful her voice was; even Mike was impressed.

"But don't you worry 'bout a thing
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama
'Cause I'll be standing on the side
When you check it out"

The tempo started to speed up as Meena got into the music.

"They say your style of life's a drag
And that you must go other places
Just don't you feel too bad
When you get fooled by smiling faces

Don't you worry 'bout a thing
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, baby
'Cause I'll be standing on the side
When you check it

"Whoo-hoo!" Mike cheered.

As he was dancing, the three bears got him and carried him outside.

"Guys, guys, wait. We can talk this over, right? We're all reasonable individuals here," Mike begged.

The leader put him in his mouth then spit him out due to a car door to the gut. Mike's car pulled up to reveal his girlfriend driving.

"Get in! Quick!" she instructed.

"Oh, thank you, Sweetheart," Mike thanked as he obeyed.

She floored it and lost all the bears.

"Whew! That was close," Mike said.

"Yeah," his girlfriend chuckled.

Little did they know of the leader bear hanging on the car from behind.

Meena was still jamming as she continued singing.

"Everybody needs a change
A chance to check out the new
You're the only one to sees
The changes you take yourself through
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh"

The background came down to show the city under a full moon. Meena turned around as the audience cheered for her. She looked back at them, shrugged, then continued as the audience joined in.

"Don't you worry 'bout a thing (thing)
Don't you worry 'bout a thing (thing)
Don't you worry 'bout a thing (thing)
Don't you worry 'bout a thing (thing)

Pa-pa-p, pa-pa-pa-pa
Pa-pa-p, pa-pa-pa-pa

Oh, don't you worry
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama
'Cause I'll be standing, I'll be standing by

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
Don't you worry 'bout a thing"

The audience erupted with approval as they cheered. Especially Meena's family. She bowed and went backstage as the others congratulated her. She thanked them and wished Johnny and Jamie luck.


A/N Meena is amazing! Oh my gosh! Last, but not least, Jamie!

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