Cherry: Chapter Three

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"Fuck." The bathroom door was locked, and Cherry could hear her parents giggling. "Gross, guys. Where am I supposed to pee?"

Not that they could hear her. Not that she wanted them to. It was pretty awkward, sharing one bathroom with both her parents and the man she'd promised to keep her hands off. Phil's cabin didn't have a devoted bathroom, and neither did hers. Mom and Daddy's was larger, and it had a washroom off the back with its own separate entrance, so Cherry and Phil didn't have to go through the front door.

"What a couple of old pervs, fucking in the shower when other people have to pee." Cherry stomped away from the cabin, toward the thick cover of the woods. She had on nothing but canvas sneakers and her robe because, hell, it was the middle of the night. Who was going to see her?

The nearest public washing station wasn't too far away, but the forest was considerably closer. If she planned to work in a provincial park after university, she should probably get used to peeing in the woods.

Hiking up her pink satin robe, Cherry pressed her back against a tree. The bark dug into her skin as she shimmied so close to the forest floor her ass nearly touched the ground. Squatting, she opened her legs. Holding her robe up over her tits, she stared between her thighs as her shaved pussy lips opened to reveal the glistening pink in between.

She'd been wet all day. After that whole thing with Phil, all she could think about was his fat, throbbing cock. God, she wanted to touch it. Well, she wanted to see it first. Sure they'd made that promise to her mother, to keep their hands off each other, but Phil didn't really think she meant it... did he?

Her pee seemed reluctant, even though she really had to go. Tapping her pussy, she said, "Come on, stupid. I don't have all night."

That slight bit of pressure did the trick. Her piss sparkled in the silvery moonlight, which gleamed through the treetops. Cherry had never really watched herself pee before. It was kind of fascinating, the way her water surged across the forest floor, hissing as it left her body. She almost wanted to reach out and stick her fingers in the flow.

"Is there a problem with the bathroom?"

Cherry's chest clenched and her back locked against the tree. Her pussy clamped so tightly her urine stopped, even though she still had that itchy gotta-pee feeling in her pelvis.

Covering her naked pussy with her robe, she hissed, "Oh my god, Phil! Were you watching me?"

"No, no." He didn't move, at first. When he did step forward, all he had on were blue and white striped boxer shorts. "I tried the bathroom door and it was locked, then I heard you."

Cherry covered her face with her hair. "This is so embarrassing. You saw my pee!"

"Don't be embarrassed. Hey, some guys like that sort of thing."

"What, watching girls pee? Yeah right."

"Really?" He laughed. "Sophisticated woman of the world, and you've never heard of watersports?"

He probably wasn't talking about Marco Polo, but Cherry didn't want to look stupid, so she pretended she knew what he meant. "Sure I do. My boyfriend Brad and I did that stuff all the time."

"Oh yeah?" Phil's breath was so laboured she could hear every shallow inhale and desperate exhale. "What did you do, exactly?"

Oh god, he was gonna catch her in a lie. "He... watched me pee?"

Phil took another step forward. Now his face was obscured by shadows, but his chest shone in the moonlight. "Just watched?"

"Yeah." Cherry swallowed hard. "Why, what else could he do?"

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